10 Ideas for Halloween in 2019

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Halloween is just around the corner and if you are stumped as to what to attend the Halloween party you’ve been invited to, we are here to help. Halloween is celebrated every 31st of October and is otherwise known as All Saints Eve. While the origins of the celebrations are mixed with pagan and Christian histories, today the celebration is a social one that involves dressing up like famous pop stars or in costumes with significant pop culture reference.

For Halloween in 2019, here are some of the most iconic characters you can dress up as.

1. Joker

The DC Comics villain is one of the most loved and hated villains in Gotham and beyond. In 2019. DC Comics released the origin story movie of Joker with Joaquin Phoenix putting up a superb performance as The Joker. Away from the milestones achieved by rival comic movie production company Marvel Comics, Joker is one of the most lauded movies of 2019 and dressing up as Joker for Halloween is a fantastic tribute to a fantastic character and movie for the year. Look out though, you may not be the only Joker prowling the streets.

2. President Trump

President Trump is the leader of the free world and one of the most popular albeit controversial people in the world today. Love him or hate him, a Halloween dress as President Trump will draw as much attention as well as get people talking about you, well him, for the evening. We do not advise you wear a certain hat though.

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3. Marcus Rashford or Willow Smith

Why these two? If anything they are at extreme ends of the entertainment spectrum. One is an American pop singer with a famous dad, and the other is a British footballer. Well, October 31st is the birthday of these two famous stars. While several other celebrities share a birthday with Halloween, these two are as iconic as it gets. If you go as Rashford though, avoid Manchester United fans though, they might have harsh words for you.

4. Pennywise

IT 2 was released in theaters on August 2019 as a sequel to IT Chapter 1 where the horrifying clown Pennywise makes a return to the lives of the residents of Derry, 27 years after he was first defeated by a bunch of kids who stuck together for themselves. To dress up as Pennywise for Halloween you have to do it right though, so you do not get mistaken for Joker. Maybe we should have a cross over movie with Pennywise and Joker both tormenting a city. Dial me Hollywood.

5. Your Boss

If your office is throwing a Halloween party you should go as your boss. Great if you can pull off his mannerisms and nuance of speaking. It would be a hit 10 over 10. Guaranteed to get good laughs around the office. Don’t go too far though, you could be one impression away from a query.

6. A Character from Us

Jordan Peele’s Us is one of the highest-grossing movies and most successful movies of 2019. The thriller/horror movie grossed well over $200 million in box office earnings. A Halloween evening dressed as one of The Tethered is guaranteed to open doors to great conversations about one of the best-produced movies of 2019.

7. A Littered Beach Shore

Do you want to bring some awareness to environmental issues? Dress up as a littered beach line. This could work if you dress up in a sand-colored outfit, fit top and pants, and glue trash from the beach on your clothes. This could include plastic straws, plastic cups, nylons, and other such items. People may not get it straight away, and when they ask you what you are dressed as, boom, that’s your opening to start a conversation about our environment. Apparently there’s a name for this and it’s called Trashion.

8. A Game of Thrones Character

One of the most-watched television series in the world, Game of Thrones, came to an end this year after eight seasons. While many may argue about the season finale and the fates of their beloved characters, dressing up as a GOT character is a great way to mark Halloween this year.

9. A La Casa de Papel Character

Money Heist or La Casa De Papel is Spanish Netflix series that has drawn the attention of TV lovers and critics the world over. The third season of the series was released this year and fans were glad to see some of the favorite anti-government robbers take on their biggest challenge yet. Going to Halloween as any of Berlin, Tokyo, Nairobi et al will be a great one for the culture.

10. Your sports team mascot

Whatever team you support, whether you’re a football, basketball or baseball fan, go to Halloween this year as your team’s mascot and give a shout out to the team you support win or lose.

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