21 Reasons to Never Visit Ethiopia

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  1. They say Ethiopia is a place of glorious natural beauty. Jumia Travel, Africa’s leading online hotel booking website gives you incredibly truthful reasons why you should never set a foot on Ethiopia.pasted image 0
  2. For starters, spotting the coolest caves is unthinkable.pasted image 0 (1)
  3. The Cathedrals are beyond basic and old.pasted image 0 (2)
  4. You can camp anywhere for free but the sites could be pretty lame.pasted image 0 (3)
  5. Most places get too crowded and have no redeeming features whatsoever.pasted image 0 (4)
  6. Seriously some places truly lack color.pasted image 0 (5)
  7. Who would want to swim in beaches like this anyway?  pasted image 0 (6)
  8. For sure no one wishes to see a fire lake and risk getting intimidated.pasted image 0 (7)
  9. You can see for yourself that the Simien Mountain is nothing special.pasted image 0 (9)
  10. When it comes to history, Ethiopia is a no go-zone.pasted image 0 (8)
  11. Some sights takes you back to 10th century while you are in 2015 – not really time oriented.pasted image 0 (10)
  12. Look their electrified public transportation – so uninviting. pasted image 0 (11)
  13. Your chances of feeling tiny due to several giant Aksum obelisks is quite high.pasted image 0 (12)
  14. The bland-looking endless waterfalls are annoying.pasted image 0 (13)
  15. Look at how they brag about their organic agriculture products – so unprofessional.pasted image 0 (14)
  16. Artistic culture is absolutely absent.pasted image 0 (15)
  17. Don’t just get us started with their outdoor carnivals!  I mean, where did they learned to do this? So not from the world we know.pasted image 0 (16)
  18. These people know how to degrade the environment.pasted image 0 (17)
  19. They make you see quite an elaborate process just to give you a cup of organic coffee – so unfair. The global fashion industry is changing but they insist that they will stick with their exclusive fashion – so biased.pasted image 0 (18)
  20. The global fashion industry is changing but they insist that they will stick with their exclusive fashion – so biased. pasted image 0 (19)
  21. They call it a place of hunger for some unknown reason, indeed there is literally nothing to eat here look what they serve for a person. You should cross it off your bucket list right now.pasted image 0 (20)



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