7 Days in Zanzibar: What to Do

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Zanzibar is the perfect destination for a 7 day Beach safari to explore exotic white sandy beaches, historical centres, breathtaking scenery, and rich culture.

A 7 day trip to Zanzibar will ensure that you exhaust all that Zanzibar can offer and still get time to relax before you leave the region. Don’t forget to carry your hat, sunglasses, sandals and light clothes since Zanzibar is hot and moist most time of the year.

  • Day 1

When you arrive at Zanzibar International Airport, take a taxi to your hotel. Alternatively, book a hotel that has free airport pickup services. Arrive in the morning, relax in the hotel, and head out to explore the city and all that it has for you.

Best hotels in Zanzibar include Hideaway of Nungwi Resort and Spa, and Aiyana Resort. Zanzibar also has budget friendly hotels like Caveman lodge and Jambo Beach Bungalows.

  • Day 2

Wake up to the sun over the ocean if you are staying in a beachfront hotel. After breakfast, drive to Paje, a small fishing village located on the sea shore. Paje is famous for its strong wings all year round. It is perfect for kite surfing, and kite surfing schools are also available in Paje for first time surfers.

  • Day 3

Take a 10-minute bus ride to Jambiani, which is a small, serene village in Zanzibar, to see the red colobus monkey in the rain forest. Relax on Jambiani Beach in the afternoon as the whooshing of the sea plays in the background.

  • Day 4

Go on a Zanzibar Spice Tour. Zanzibar has been nicknamed Spice Island because of its production of spices since the 19th Century. Visit the spice farms to learn, smell, taste and buy different spices. Make sure to end your tour by treating yourself to a traditional Swahili lunch.

After your spice tour, explore Jozani Chwaka National Park. Jozani is the only national park in Zanzibar. It has a variety of natural habitats and wildlife species including the Zanzibar leopard, which is almost extinct.

  • Day 5

A dolphin tour in Kizimkazi is a must do on a Zanzibar safari. Kizimkazi is on the southern part of Zanzibar and it is home to both the bottle nosed and hump back dolphins. Go for the dolphin expedition in the morning when the water is still cool. When it gets hot, the dolphins dive deeper making it difficult to spot them. You can also swim with the dolphins if you crave that unforgettable experience.

  • Day 6

After spending much time on the beach, you would want to see the historical side of Zanzibar.  Visit Stone Town. Its architectural structures date back to the 19th Century when Zanzibar was a hub for spice and slave trade. A Zanzibar tour would take you through the slave trade and the Zanzibar Revolution. Old Fort, House of Wonders and Prison Island are a few of the attractions in Stone Town.

A visit to Stone Town would be incomplete without the Mtoni Ruins Dinner and Concert that happens every Tuesday and Thursday. This concert commences at 6pm, with a guided tour of the ruins. Listen to taraab music as you taste Zanzibar’s swahili dishes like halua and kahawa tungu. Profits from this concert go towards conserving Mtoni Palace.

  • Day 7

A fun filled day would be the best option for your last day in Zanzibar. Explore Prison Island, which is a 30-minute boat ride off the coast of Stone Town. Prison Island, commonly known as Changuu Island, used to be a detention camp for slaves in the 19th Century. Currently, the detention centre has been turned into a guest house. Prison Island is famous for its giant tortoises that were a gift from Seychelles. Spend the day feeding and petting the tortoises or snorkel and explore the marine life.

  • Day 8 ( Optional)

If your flight is scheduled for the evening and you still have time, visit Cheetah’s Rock. Cheetah’s Rock is an amalgamation of a zoo and a nature park.

Later, leave for Zanzibar International Airport for a trip out of Zanzibar.


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    just recently read about Zanzibar. looks amazing! would really like to explore prison island. thanks for the idea!

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