7 Facts about Uganda for Visitors

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Uganda, christened the Pearl of Africa, for its enchanting landscape and tropical forests, promises a different experience for visitors. It promises, unrivalled wildlife safari adventures, enthralling boat tours and hiking excursions. Here are 7 facts about Uganda you should know before your next safari.

  1. Best gorilla trekking destination

Uganda has the world’s largest number of mountain gorillas. Therefore, it is the best destination for gorilla trekking safaris. The two places you can track mountain gorillas in Uganda are Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, and Mgahinga National Park.

bwindi park-facts-about-uganda

A group of mountain gorillas in Bwindi Forest.

  1. Uganda has 10 national parks

The most popular national parks in Uganda are Bwindi, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Mgahinga National Park, and Mt. Elgon National Park.

  1. Uganda has 13 species of primates

The primates of Uganda include gorillas, chimpanzees and baboons. You will also spot a variety of monkeys including black and white colobus monkeys, blue monkeys, red monkeys and golden monkeys.

  1. Uganda has some of the most beautiful waterfalls in Africa

Uganda has many, if not the most waterfalls in Africa. The most outstanding waterfalls are Murchison Falls, Bujagali Falls, Sipi Falls, Ripon Falls, Karuma Falls and Owen Falls.

murchison falls-facts-about-uganda

The Enthralling Murchison Falls.

  1. Uganda has several martyr shrines

Facts about Uganda are incomplete without looking at the history of Christianity in Uganda. Explore Uganda Martyr shrines to learn about the over 45 Christians who were executed in the 19th Century.

  1. Uganda’s capital city is built on seven hills

Kampala, which is Uganda’s capital city, originally occupied seven hills. It has now grown beyond the seven hills, to Nakasero, Tank and Mulago hills.

  1. Uganda is a landlocked country

This is probably one of the facts about Uganda that is in every travel guide. Indeed, Uganda is surrounded by four East African countries. However, it has numerous lakes, including a good portion of Lake Victoria, which it shares with Kenya and Tanzania.

With these amazing facts about Uganda, you can now plan your trip, knowing what to see or learn in this stunning country.


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