Addis Weekend: Things to Do in Addis

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A weekend in Addis Ababa will definitely be worth your while as there are many places to explore such as museums, national parks and historic churches among others. Here is a sample itinerary for an unforgettable Addis weekend.

Your Addis weekend will start when you arrive at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport. This airport is close to the city centre, and there are several taxis near the airport to take you to your hotel. Some hotels offer free airport pickup. Such hotels are Golden Tulip Addis Ababa, Friendship International Hotel and Churchill Hotel. Golden Tulip is highly recommended for a short family holiday because you can request for a crib or a rolling bed.

Some pocket friendly hotels for your Addis weekend getaway include Jupiter International Hotel, Besha Hotel and Nexus Hotel, and there are some good and cheap guest houses available as well.

Top Attractions to visit

There are several attraction sites in Addis Ababa. Some are very close to Bole International Airport. Some of the best attractions in Addis are:

  • National Museum of Ethiopia

Explore the National Museum of Ethiopia, which is near Addis Ababa University. In the museum, see the popular replica of the earliest hominid Lucy and many Ethiopian traditional artefacts each with an exciting story behind it.

Addis National Museum.

Addis National Museum.

  • Entoto Hill

Tour Entoto Hill to get panoramic view of Addis city. One of the highlights of your experience is the colorful Entoto Market which you will pass by when climbing Mount Entoto.

  • St. George’s Cathedral and Museum

Visit St. George’s Cathedral and Museum to see and learn about the enormous mosaics and paintings.  The archdeacons will give you a tour of the cathedral and explain about artefacts like ceremonial clothes and ancient manuscripts found in the small museum in the church.

The Cathedral opens from 0800hrs to 0900hrs, and in the afternoon, from 1200hrs to 1400hrs.

  • Addis Mercato

Stop at Addis Mercato, an huge open-air market located in Addis Ketema district. Buy traditional clothes, wooden crafts and fabrics among others. Your bargaining skills will come in handy.

  • Ethnological Museum

Discover Ethnological Museum, which is the most interesting museum in Addis Ababa and see traditional outfits, artefacts, tools and instruments. Students from the University of Addis Ababa campus offer tour guide services at a nominal fee.

  • Holy trinity Cathedral

Visit Holy Trinity Cathedral where Emperor Haile Selassie and his Empress were buried. In addition to the granite tombs, there are numerous paintings and statues that offer an insight into Ethiopian culture.

  • Red Terror Martyrs’ Memorial Museum

Enjoy a visit to Red Terror Martyrs’ Memorial Museum. Get a free tour in the museum from guides who are mostly survivors of the Derg regime.

Restaurants with Ethiopian Cuisines

There are several restaurants in Addis with delicious Ethiopian food. Some of the cultural restaurants include Habesha 2000 and Yod Abyssinia. Be sure to taste the famous Injera bread.

Delicious Ethiopian cuisine at Yod Abyssinia.

Delicious Ethiopian cuisine at Yod Abyssinia.

Visit the popular Fendika Club in the evening and see Azmari dancers and musicians perform traditional songs and dance moves.

To end your Addis Weekend, enjoy Ethiopian traditional food in Kategna Restaurant, near Medhane Alem Church (next to Bole Airport), before your flight.

 Travel Tips

Hire a driver for the whole day to avoid the hassle of looking for transport from one attraction to the other. In addition, if you prefer flying to various attractions inside Ethiopia, use Ethiopian Airlines as they offer a 40% discount on internal flights.


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