Great Ideas for Mother’s Day 2017

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On 14th of May, the world will be celebrating our amazing moms. Mothers never have a break, they care for us from they day we are born to the day they have their last breath. They are remarkable, a true gift from heaven. To celebrate your mom this Mother’s Day 2017, break the norm of getting her a card, flower and scarfs, and put much thought into the perfect gift.

Great Mother’s Day 2017 ideas

Getting a gift for mom can be quite easy. You do not have to look too far, to get the best gift for your mother. Here are some of the well thought, and perfect gifts you can get your mom this Mother’s Day.

1. The five star experience

One thing that most people do not know is that their moms love to be pampered as well. For the perfect Mother’s Day gift, book a 5 star hotel for you mom. You can book the famous Lake Victoria Serena Golf Resort & Spa in Entebbe for her, and let her enjoy relaxing treatments at the hotel’s spa, this Mother’s Day. That full body massage, beauty treatment and the 5 star experience is what will brighten that beautiful face.

A lavish room with a great ocean view at Lake Victoria Serena Uganda

A lavish room with a great ocean view at Lake Victoria Serena Uganda

2. A momcation

Every mom needs a vacation, and when better to go than on Mother’s Day? Treat your mom on this special day to a vacation in any part of the country. You can take advantage of the available packages in Uganda to ensure everything is well taken care of, and it won’t put a big dent in your wallet. Allow your mom to explore the wild alone and have a great her-time. Don’t get me wrong, every mom loves to hangout with her children, but believe me, she needs that momcation.

A game drive in Uganda

A game drive in Uganda

3. Movie Date

Yes! Moms love movies too. Just because they do not get time for them, does not mean they do not love watching them. You can choose one of the best cinemas in Kampala, that is showing a good movie (depending on what your mom likes). This gesture will mean the world for her, especially when you watch the movie with her.

4. A day tour in the city

Sounds lame right? Wrong! Kampala is a beautiful city that has a lot to offer. This Mother’s Day 2017, take your mom on a day tour round the city and view the local attractions. You can visit the Kasubi Tombs, the Uganda National Museum and the Mengo Palace among others. During lunch, you can take her for lunch at a nice restaurant and make sure to take her for coffee or ice cream before heading home in the evening. This will not only make her feel young again but also appreciated.

A visit to the Kasubi Tombs for Mother's Day 2017

A visit to the Kasubi Tombs for Mother’s Day 2017

5. Home Alone with Wine

Most of my readers will wonder what I mean by this. And actually, its as simple as that. This Mother’s Day 2017 can be the perfect time to give your mom or the mother of your children some free air. Being a mom is quite hard, tiresome and a never-ending job, yet mothers can never trade it for anything else. However, once in a while, moms need some quiet time away from being a wife and mom for a few hours. What best way to do this than taking the children out and leaving the house for mom. Make sure to get her favorite wine and a card with warm message.

This Mother’s Day 2017, treat your amazing mom with a special gift to show love and appreciation. Do this and you will thank me later. Happy Mother’s Day!


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