Best Places to View Wildebeest Migration in Serengeti

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Serengeti National Park in Tanzania offers one of the most unique safari experiences in the world. In the Serengeti, every game drive is a unique experience. The horizon on the other hand brings new, exciting and unexpected wildlife encounters. During the great migration, it is important to know the best areas to encounter wildebeest migration in Serengeti. We have compiled some of the best areas within Serengeti to view the great migration.

The Serengeti is divided into five distinct regions that are Northern, Central, Southern, Eastern and Western Serengeti. Most of these areas have permanent lodges and camps for guests’ accommodation.

Northern Serengeti

Northern Serengeti is best described as the most scenic portion of the Serengeti plains. The migration takes place here between June and August when the great herds of wildebeest and zebras are migrating through the area from the Serengeti crossing over Maasai Mara. Additionally, you can see the migration here from December to March, when the animals are moving from the Masai Mara to northern Serengeti.

wildebeest crossing mara river

Wildebeests crossing Mara River.

In Northern Serengeti, stay close to Lobo Valley, the upper Grumeti Woodlands, around Mara River or the Lamai Triangle to easily spot the herd alongside other wildlife like elephants and lions.

Best Place to Stay: Serengeti Migration Camp located next to Grumeti River.

Southern Serengeti

Naabi Hill Gate, which is the park’s main entrance is located here. Game viewing within the area is quite minimal, but is relatively high between December and March. This is the wildebeest calving season. It is also an excellent time to see predators in action.

The best areas within the south to see the wildebeest migration is at the Triangle, Hidden Valley, Lake Ndutu, Kusini Plains, Olduvai Gorge and Matiti Plains.

Best place to stay: Lake Ndutu Luxury Tented Lodge located within Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

Central Serengeti

Seronera River Valley in central Serengeti marks the boundary between the plains of the southern region and the woodland hills of the northern region. It is one of the richest ecosystems in the park, and it is home to wildlife from both habitats.

zebras at Serengeti National Park

Zebras in the plains of Serengeti.

Most of the park’s permanent lodges and camps are located here because this region is wildlife-rich throughout the year.  Best place to view the wildebeest migration in this part of the plains include Seronera Valley, Moru Kopjes, Seronera River, and Turners Spring among other places.

Best place to stay: Serengeti Pioneer Camp, which is located close to Moru Kopjes.

Western Serengeti

The Western corridor of the Serengeti stretches west from the Seronera area in the central Serengeti to Lake Victoria Basin.  If you plan to tour the west, late November would be the best time to view the migration in Serengeti plains. Watch out for the action during the dry season, as the migration’s route takes the herd across the region’s Grumeti River.

Go for game drives around Ruwana Plains, Lower Gurumeti and Mbalageti River Valley and watch a variety of wildlife like lions, hyenas and crocodiles among others.

Best place to stay: Kirawira Serena Camp is located on the Western corridor of Serengeti National Park.


Kirawira Serena Camp at Serengeti National Park.

Eastern Serengeti

To the East of Serengeti Park is Ngorongoro Crater. Safaris within this part of the Serengeti plains are best done between November and December. During the wet months, tourists within the Eastern Serengeti spot cheetahs and hyenas.

If you are in the eastern areas of the plains, the best places to view the wildebeest migration in Serengeti are Nasera Rock, Olkarien Gorge and Lake Natron.

Best place to stay: Kleins Camp is perched on the edge of the Kuka Hills.



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