Ethiopia for the Foodie

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People who love to eat are always the best people _ Julia Child

The foodie culture is no doubt experiencing exponential growth in Africa. Tourists have added ‘seeking new food experiences’ as reasons to why they travel. In turn, restaurants and eat out joints are sprouting up in almost every corner to meet the needs of these diverse tastes.
Listed below are top best restaurants in Ethiopia that you should totally try out.

1. 2000 Habesha Restaurant

The Habesha Cultural Restaurant is located in the capital of Ethiopia, Addis, along Airport Road. Since the restaurant is located 3 km from the Bole International Airport, it would be the perfect place to enjoy your first Ethiopian meal on arrival. 2000 Habesha gives you a true taste of Ethiopia. It boasts 100% Ethiopian interior and serves traditional Ethiopian food. You also get the chance to take part in traditional folk songs and dances which are showcased Habesha.
We recommend that you taste their signature injera and Ethiopian coffee.

2000 Habesha Restaurant: Injera is served.

2000 Habesha Restaurant: Injera is served.

2. Yod Abbysinnia

Also known as ‘Ethiopia’s cultural Ambassador’, Yod Abyysinia Cultural Restaurant strives to represent all the cultures and cuisines in the whole of Ethiopia. The restaurant has a spacious hall that looks like a hut and is full of traditional cutlery and deco. Guests to the restaurant will sit at the traditional tables or mats, giving them a true Ethiopian experience. If you are looking for a lively best restaurants in Ethiopia to explore at night, check out Yod Abbysinia. Its waitresses wear traditional clothing and it has a good selection of fair priced local beers.

Tibs in Yod Abyssinia, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Tibs in Yod Abyssinia, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

3. Chane Restaurant

Step back to the 19th century, right in the heart of Ethiopia. Located in Kazanchis, Chane Restaurant stands out because of its walls that are decorated by black and white photographs of royals and dignitaries. The restaurant was home to former military hero and famous chef, Chef Chane. Currently, the restaurant is run by his wife and son. It specialises in a limited selection of dishes, most of which were invented by Chane himself. Make sure to taste the doro wat, a spicy chicken stew. Though common in Ethiopia, Chane’s doro wat is said to be the best in the region.

Doro wat: Chane's trademark meal

Doro wat: Chane’s trademark meal

4. Gusto Ristorante

Looking to break from Ethiopian traditional foods? Gusto Restaurant has something for you! This Italian restaurant lives to its slogan, perfection of taste. Its deco, great food and great lighting provides the perfect ambiance for a romantic date. Treat your partner to the chef’s special of wood-fired brick oven pizza, special pasta and Italian. Gusto Ristorante is hands down one of the best restaurants in Ethiopia!

Gusto Ristorante: Top Italian Hotel in Addis

Gusto Ristorante: Top Italian Hotel in Addis

5. Ben Abeba

Ben Abeba makes it to this list because of its view. If you are looking for a restaurant with a breath taking view, Ben Abeba will literally blow your mind. Located in the scenic Lalibela, Ben Abeba is the perfect spot to hangout and catch up with friends as you sip your favorite drinks and watch the sun set after a long day. The menu at Ben Abeba is international and is quite affordable.

Ben Abeba, Lalibela

Ben Abeba, Lalibela

Enjoy the best of Ethiopia in terms of food. Don’t forget to give us your feed back after your experiences.



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