Best Value Destinations in Ethiopia

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If you ever wanted to visit Ethiopia, this is the year to do it. From jaw-dropping scenery and unrivaled art, culture, and food to high style souvenir and exclusive cloth shopping; this place would definitely take your breath away. Ethiopia is one of the gorgeous stops that made it to Jumia Travel, Africa’s leading online hotel booking company top pics. If you have considered this pacific paradise off-limits due to finance, this may be your year.

With more cheap domestic flights now available than ever before, you can jet off this horn of Africa exotic destinations and still manage to stick to a small budget. Whether you want a long-haul summer holiday or a short break, here are popular destinations where you will get the most bang for your travel bucket list without breaking the bank.

The country is home to stunning nature’s creations taking you into incredible adventures. Its northeastern part is one of the few places on earth where a volcano becomes a fire seafloor. The hottest Danakil depression is 125 meters below sea level. The molten rock of lava bubbles up to the surface creating a Fire Lake. It’s one of the world’s rare active persistent lava lakes. You can enjoy this exotic destination with under 10$ lodging, exploring Aksum the UNESCO registered global wander along the way.       

Your budget travel plan will comfortably get you pretty far to the high altitude of Ethiopian lands, Simien and Bale Mountains. The amazing landscape constitutes 70% of African mountains meeting all your climbing demands. The adventure does not end there; you can get comfy accommodation as cheap as 6$. The mountains rise as high as 4,620 meters above sea level, giving a sensation that you are on top of the world.

Bahir Dar is best shore value option in just under 10$ room with beach view. It encompasses stunning beaches and waterfalls packed with lots of glittering adventures. The four streams of the Blue Nile creates a magnificent wonder. Lake Tana, the source of Blue Nile River which meets the White Nile River in neighboring Sudan supplying 85% of water to Great Nile River, forms an attractive spectacle in the land of Ethiopia. The view of the river’s powerful waterfalls leaves travelers with a timeless experience.

At the popular Lalibela, Gondar castles and churches hewn from gigantic rocks, it’s possible to find beds under 20$. Lalibela is one of the registered global heritages famous for eleven rock hewn churches carved from within the earth during the 13th century; without any stone or cement input. It’s a place to go if you need to see the global wonder up close, practicing so much exclusive fancy slice of Ethiopia.

The southern side of the country Omo Valley, offers rich cultural and magnificent natural features as well as some of the wildest parks packed with numerous endemic species of animals. This exceptional and unforgettable adventure can be experienced with under 7$ relaxing rooms.  

Certainly, Ethiopia has a lot of indoor and outdoor adventures. A land of history and unique natural sites are just the tip of the iceberg. It’s known for stunning ancient monasteries, lavish palaces and luxurious hotels where you basically float down into a perfect escaped. There is so much more to this beautiful country and its consideration to your budget is no exception.  


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