Boosting Customer Relations: 5 Tips and Tricks

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Customer relations is a key part of growing a business. Since customers are an integral part of a business, the manner in which they are addressed and managed before and after patronizing the business is of significance. It requires a form of strategy and planning that could retain customers and keep them engaged and interested in the business. Jumia Travel shares some interesting tips to boost customer relations for small and medium sized businesses which occupy a key part of the economies they exist in.

Know your customers – Surveys can be carried out to this aim to ensure that customer needs are known and customer habits are deciphered. Certain tools could be employed to properly study this, customer relations management tools from Microsoft to Oracle exist to ensure that a business can anticipate customer needs before they even arise.

Clear communication is key – Language is a central part of communication and it’s best when both parties are on the same page when a call is made. This conversation would be everything but clear if both parties speak different languages. The tone, styling and even accent should be taken into consideration. This is why it is quite preferable to have websites and customer care services available in local languages in order to draw in customers and portray the inclusiveness of the business.

Maintain a great attitude – Customers are needed for a business to have a good turnover, a salty attitude from a customer care attendant could be really off-putting. This could harm a business as customers are prone to either positively or negatively advertise a business through word of mouth. Which would it be for your business? Positive advertisement hopefully. To get this, it’s best to train customer care officials to maintain a good and open attitude towards customers at all times.

Positive language boosts customer morale – This is not to say customer relations personnel are magicians (they are sometimes) but it is advisable to avoid negative statements as much as possible. Always try to redirect negative situations with positive statements.

Satisfied customers are way better than grumpy customers – Attending to customers and solving their problems in relation to the product is important. Hence instead of taking as many calls as possible from the customers, focus should be paid to actually solving the issues that each customer has to complain about.

The little things also count in customer relations. Handwritten notes with delivered orders and personalised birthday messages amongst others are great ways to start and that should get the business some good feedback, great reviews and positive advertising. What other tips could be used to boost positive customer relations?


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