The East Africa Festival Season is Upon Us

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If you have had this undying wish to travel East Africa this is the season! Three major countries in East Africa are having the biggest music festivals events in the months of August and September.

These events aim at bringing amazing music and culture to East Africa by bringing together regional, local and international artists not forgetting the local food which makes up a huge percentage of East Africa’s cultural identity.


  1. Ongala music festival 2018- 23rd August- 25th August

Ongala festival which will be taking place in Tanzania from the 23rd of August to 25th August aims at bring artist from across East Africa and beyond on one platform. It is also an amazing opportunity for local artists to network with international artist for cultural, social and economic growth in Tanzania.


  • Venue

Ongala festival will be happening at Malaika Beach Club in Kigamboni; South Beach Dar es salaam. The venue was strategically chosen for its beautiful, lovely, calm blue water beach, a beautiful way to promote domestic and international tourism in Tanzania.

To get to the beach by car, travel to Kigamboni using the Kigamboni bridge in Kurasini, this will be an amazing way to learn and experience your surroundings. If you love traveling by water, you can use a ferry from CBD in Dar es salaam town which will take you to Kivukoni, Kigamboni and from there take a left onto the tarmac road.

Malaika Beach Club is just 3km away which a 5-minute drive from there. I admit, there is no better way to explore Malaika Beach if its not by car or ferry.

  • Who Will Be Performing?

You must be wondering which local and international artist will be gracing the event, well, currently the confirmed line up from East Africa includes Remmy Ongala Tribute Band, Siti and the band from Zanzibar-Tanzania, Mandela Ambasa from Nairobi-Kenya, Shifah Musisi, Kampala-Uganda, Yves Kami Bujumbura, Burundi and for international artist there is Zik Zak Cologne- Germany. Other artists and band gracing the festival include Hokororo, Swahili Ally, Msafiri Zawose, Papillon, King Kiki,Sikiinde,Carola Kinasha, Ashimba,Ze Spirits Band, Yves Kami, Afrosimba, Fadhilee, Wamwiduka Band, Dbass Ganun, Wahapahapa, Hillary More, Mwenge Kiwalani.

  • Where To stay

There are many hotels offering accommodation, for luxury hotels check out Ryan’s Bay Hotel  stationed at the shores of Lake Victoria. The hotel offers free Wi-Fi and is perfect leisure and luxury travelers. You can also check into our Popular hotels the likes of Victoria Palace Hotel at Capri-point Mwanza. It has amazing views of Lake Victoria. We also have budget hotels including Green Peach Hotel  which offers en-suite rooms equipped with a TV set.


  1. Nyegenyege Festival 2018- 6th September-9th September

This is a four days music festival which takes place at the source of the Nile, this year’s event runs from the 6th of September to 9th of September. Same as other festivals that have happened before, the aim is to bring together different artist with different talents and skills. These year’s target is to bring approximately 300 artists from over 30 countries.

  • Venue

Nyegenyege Festival will be taking place at Nile Discovery Beach in Jinja which is at the source of the Nile.

  • Who Will be performing?

This year’s festival has concentrated on musicians and artists from South Africa and Tanzania but that does not mean that it has excluded artist from other countries as there will be artist from Niger and Kenya and international artist from US and Europe. Some of the artist and bands to expect are rapper Sho Madjozi, gqom acts Rude Boyz, Dominowe and Phatstoki, and sgubhu producer Sleeping Buddah from South Africa and Singeli scene, Jagwa Music troupe and multi-instrumentalist Msafiri Zawose from Tanzania.

  • Where to stay

Hotels in Jinja will be a perfect place to stay. Book yourself a luxury hotel such as Nile Village Hotel & Spa. The hotel is located on an attractive site along River Nile. It offers complimentary breakfast along other eating options. Check out also popular hotels such as Brisk Hotel Triangle  and budget hotels the likes of  Victoria Panorama Hotel .


  1. Lake of Stars Festival 2018- 28th September-30th September

This year’s Lake of Stars Festival will be in celebration of their 15th anniversary. The festival which will be taking place at Leopards Bay, Salima at Kabumba Hotel will be hosting artist and musicians for three days providing fans with diverse entertainment, music and culture from local, regional and international arenas. There will be other activities including kid’s activities, sports and beach games.


  • Venue

Lake of Stars Festival 2018 will be hosted at Kabumba Hotel, change of scenery in celebration of their 15th anniversary.

  • Who will be performing?

As usual, there will be artist from all corners of Africa including Sauti Sol (Kenya),Fredokiss (Malawi),Kim of Diamonds (Malawi),George Kalukusha (Malawi),Forus Dance Crew (Malawi),Madalitso Band (Malawi), Tilinanu Choir (Malawi). International artist performing will be Michael Pedersen (Scotland) and Hollie McNish (England).

  • Where to stay

You can check in at Safari Beach Lodge  which has amazing views of the beach. Other choices include Mpatsa Beach Lodge  and Half London Lodge .

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