Ethiopian Guide for the Coffee Lover

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If there’s something the world can’t take away from Ethiopia is the richness of the Ethiopian coffee.

Legend has it that coffee was first brewed in Ethiopia when a goat herder, Kaldi, noticed that his trip of goats became more enthusiastic after chewing on the cherries. He then took the cherries to his local monastery where the head monk denounced them as ‘the Devil’s work’ and threw them into the fireplace. The amazing aroma of the beans filled the house, compelling them to take the beans, grind them and brewed them. Thus the first coffee ever!

Though Ethiopian coffee has been brewed for hundreds of years, nothing beats consuming this rich brand in its home ground. Jumia Travel has compiled a list of the best coffee joints in Ethiopia for the coffee lovers.

  • Tomoca Coffee

Any coffee lover who has been to Ethiopia will tell you that Tomoca has the best coffee hands down! Located along Wawel Street in Addis, Tomoca Coffee is open everyday from 6:30 am to 8:00 pm. Tomoca serves strong yet distinct Ethiopian Coffee, perfect for that coffee date. The bonus of this coffee shop is that one can buy bags of beans for brewing at home or to send to their friends as gifts!

Inside Tomoca Coffee shop.

Inside Tomoca Coffee shop.

  • Alem Bunna

Alem Bunna is located along Airport Road in Addis. This cafe has over the years become a stop shop for people staying in hotels near the Bole International Airport. Alem Bunna maintains a rustic look and is open daily from 8 am – 8pm. Enjoy a blended variety of different blends! Adventurous guests can also have special blends prepared for them onsite. We recommend that you also try out their makiyato!

  • Kaldi’s Coffee

If the name is anything to go buy, then Kaldis is the home of discovery when it comes to Ethiopian Coffee. Kaldis success and originality has seen it open over 30 branches in Addis and Bishoftu and recently one in Dubai! Popularly known as the Starbucks of Ethiopia, Kaldis Coffee serves mouth watering pastries, ice cream and a fine blend of Ethiopian coffee. Kaldis is one of the best places to have a business meeting over some rich coffee.

Kaldi's Coffee: The Starbucks of Ethiopian Coffee.

Kaldi’s Coffee: The Starbucks of Ethiopian Coffee.

  • Moyos Caf’e

Moyos Cafe has been rated 5-stars based on customer reviews. Moyos is famed or its fresh produce menu serving one of the best salads and sandwiches in town. Grab a late breakfast with family or friends and enjoy impeccable service from the waiting staff. If the weather in Addis is friendly for ice cream, try out their Ethiopian coffee flavored ice cream.

  • Yod Abyssinia Cultural Restaurant

If you are looking to experience a traditional coffee ceremony, Yod Abyssinia would be your best bet. Yod Abyssinia operates 24 hours and will give you the true Ethiopian cultural experience all under one roof! Join the locals in an Ethiopian dance and sample Ethiopian dishes. The restaurant has a special coffee corner where guests get to sit and watch as the beans are roasted and ground in situ amid frankincense aroma. The coffee is then brewed as they watch. Perfect way to consume Ethiopian coffee!

Ethiopian Coffee served at Yod Abyssinia Restaurant

Ethiopian Coffee served at Yod Abyssinia Restaurant

Try out these joints and tell us what you think.

If you have any other suggestions of spots that should make it to the top coffee joints in Ethiopia, kindly share with us. Sharing is caring 🙂


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