Ethiopian Cuisine; Tantalize your Taste Buds

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One of the best ways to discover a new destination is by trying out its culinary offers. It is probably important that while in Ethiopia you should try out some Ethiopian dishes. Ethiopian cuisine is characterised by a range of foods with all sorts of colours, smells and tastes.


This is the most famous Ethiopian food and also an important food item in any Ethiopian cuisine because it serves as a serving platform for other dishes. Basically, injera is a flat-bread made from teff flour, which is a form of grass that looks like wheat. Teff flour from which injera is made from is rich in fibre, iron and calcium.


This meal consists of injera bread topped with several kinds of Ethiopian dishes.

Injera is served on a big flat plate and other food items like meat and vegetables are then placed on top of it. The bread comes in various grades from low to high quality.

Tere Saga

Tere Saga is considered a luxury dish in Ethiopia. It consist of mainly raw meat and it is usually served in traditional wedding ceremonies accompanied with red wine.


This is another typical Ethiopian cuisine made from the leanest meat that is minced and mixed with spiced butter. Ethiopian kitfo can either be served slightly cooked or completely raw.


A bowl of raw Kitfo.


Berber is a spicy accompaniment for most Ethiopian dishes. It is usually a dark red blend of red pepper and more than a dozen other seasonings like nutmeg, cloves, coriander and cardamom.


Wat or wot as it is commonly referred to by Ethiopians, is a spicy, rich stew consisting of chunks of lamb, beef or vegetables cooked in berber. Wat is a wonderful accompaniment of injera.


Dorowat is one of Ethiopia’s most famous dishes made of rich chicken stew that wears an intense shade of red colour due to the berber spices. The stew can be made from beef or chicken and served with a whole boiled egg.

Doro Wat

Doro wot (spicy chicken stew) served with injera.

To enjoy these Ethiopian dishes, walk into any restaurant in  cities like Addis Ababa  and order your desired platter. Note, Ethiopian food does not include pork, for religious reasons.


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