Explore Lake Tana in Ethiopia

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Lake Tana in Ethiopia is well known for its spectacular scenery, wildlife and ancient cultural heritage. What many don’t know is that there are a number of facts about Lake Tana that makes it a worthwhile tourist attraction destination.

Interesting Facts about Lake Tana

Lake Tana is the largest and most popular lake in Ethiopia. It is situated north of the beautiful town of Bahir Dar that doubles up as the capital of Amhara Region.

Lake Tana is the life blood of Ethiopia supplying the country with 50% of its freshwater. It is also the source of the famous Blue Nile River which drains its waters in the Mediterranean.


There are about 37 picturesque island monasteries that are scattered about the surface of the lake. Most of these monasteries have housed an impressing collection of religious and Emperors assets which reveal evidence of unique cultural achievements from the 12th to 20th century. A short boat trip from Bahar Dar can give visitors the chance to discover the hidden treasures of these remote and beautiful islands.

Lake Tana is home to a variety of wildlife. The most eye-catching species are the hippos which often bathe in the shallow waters while flocks of white pelicans dance on the water’s surface. There are also about 21 endemic fish species found in the lake. Other wildlife species include porcupine hyenas, antelopes, monitor lizards, the African rock python among others.


Located towards the northeastern side of the lake is Simen Mountains National Park. This is one of the nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Ethiopia. The mountain peaks and deep gorges of Simien Park are home to a number of rare wildlife species, including the Gelada baboon and Walia ibex.

If you are on tour in Ethiopia make a point of exploring this lake. This is one of the best places in the Ethiopia, where visitors enjoy a unique experience by combining a visit to ancient heritage sites, come across diverse culture and rich natural landscape all on one platform.


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