Discover Malawi on World Heritage Day 2017

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Immediately after Easter holidays, we will be celebrating the World Heritage Day 2017, also referred to as the International Day for Monuments and Sites. In support of this day, explore Malawi and visit some of its heritage sites.

Malawi UNESCO World Heritage Sites

There are two World Heritage Sites in Malawi, a natural and a cultural site. They include;

1. Lake Malawi National Park

This national park is located in the southern end of the spectacular Lake Malawi. It was created to protect fish and the aquatic habitats. Lake Malawi National Park also has a portion of land which include small islands, which is home to various animals like baboons, crocodiles and warthogs. The park is also the resting place of five early missionaries. This park was inscribed as a UNESCO natural World Heritage Site in 1984 due to its many endemic fish species. Visit Lake Malawi park on World Heritage Day 2017, and enjoy fun activities like wildlife viewing, bird watching, canoeing, diving and snorkeling to view the Lake Malawi cichlids.

Canoeing on Lake Malawi

Canoeing on Lake Malawi

2. Chongoni Rock-Art Area

The Chongoni Rock Art Area is located in the forested granite hills in Dedza District, in Central Region of Malawi. The area comprises of 127 sites with ancient rock art and paintings, dating back to the Late Stone Age and Iron Age period. The art and paintings depict the rituals and ceremonies of the BaTwa people who were hunters and gatherers. This area became a UNESCO cultural World Heritage Site in 2006 due to its cultural significance. During this year’s World Heritage Day, visit this area and view this amazing work of art, as you learn of the history and culture behind them.

To mark World Heritage Day 2017, visit the above UNESCO heritage sites in Malawi, and learn the ways you can promote and protect them.


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