Exploring the Blue Nile River

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The Blue Nile River is one of the two major tributaries of the Nile River considered to be one of the world’s longest rivers. Originating from Lake Tana in Bahir Dar, The Blue Nile flows north from Ethiopia into Sudan, and further into Egypt, before eventually flowing into the Mediterranean.

Each year during the heavy rains, which normally takes place between July and September, the Blue Nile swells to over 50 times its dry season size. During this time, as it flows, it carries with it a staggering 140 million tons of rich, fertile silt as it rages, thick and brown, towards the Mediterranean Sea.

It is this spectacular flood of the Blue Nile that sets it apart from many other great river systems in the world.

Attractions around Blue Nile River

In its course across Ethiopia, the Blue Nile forms a deep canyon about 400km long that is similar to the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River that are spectacular.

The Blue Nile Falls are the most dramatic spectacle along the course of the Blue Nile River. These falls, which are about 45 m high, are located 40 kilometres downstream of Lake Tana.

 blue nile falls ethiopia

    The Blue Nile Falls near Barhar Dar, Ethiopia.

The Blue Nile falls throw up a continuous spray of water that drenches onlookers up to a kilometre away. Spectacular rainbows form in the gorge, from the plunging waters of the Blue Nile.

The Blue Nile River is home to large, fierce crocodiles and hippopotamuses, and a perennial rainforest made of lush green vegetation that delights the range of wildlife species in the gorge such as monkeys and a variety of stunning birds.

Where to Stay


A luxury room at the Grand Resort & Spa, Bahir Dar.

Bahir Dar is one of the best tourist destinations in Ethiopia; therefore, it is supported by a variety of accommodation facilities. Bahir Dar hotels offer affordable price ranges and world class hospitality services for travellers exploring the Blue Nile River. One such hotel is the Blue Nile hotel, which is among the popular hotels with travellers. Others include Grand Resort and Spa, Avanti Blue Nile Hotel and Jacaranda Hotel, Bahir Dar.


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