Getting Hotel Deals This Christmas

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As the festive season is here, work places are closing for the year and taking a break comes to mind. Traveling is at the core of this season. People tend to visit their home town, spend the Christmas and New Year holiday with extended families they probably only get to see around this season before everyone goes back again. Or travel to destinations they have been wishing to visit. Some just love a getaway from the regular scene.

When planning a holiday trip, accommodation should be A on your list – how good the hotels are, is there on site restaurant or a couple of them nearby. There are so many questions to be asked to get a satisfactory accommodation to stay. Unlike some years ago when you will probably have to make calls seeking recommendations, all you now have to do is visit an online hotel booking portal, search and book your choice hotel. It is that simple. 

With a few clicks, you can easily filter down to any special services you like in a hotel. One of the very useful options that make a personal favorite is the ease with which you can quickly check the embedded map on the site to see the hotel options available in a particular environment. With this you can pin point proximity of hotel to points of interests in that region you might want to visit.

Yes, the period calls for spending; you might have heard people talk about the need for ‘Christmas money’ because they have to spend. Some hotels might hike their prices during this period but worriless, having to search through a whole lot of hotels anywhere in the world, check prices and facilities within a minute are some of the many benefits of booking hotels online. Getting an advantage of booking earlier even before the hotels change their prices is another plus. But above all, you can take advantage of the hotels discount on Jumia Travel and book a room in that hotel you have always wanted.

Traveling back home to LagosNairobi or exploring Christmas destinations such as Serengeti in Kenya or Zanzibar in Tanzania, a filter through the list of hotels in the area will show you their ratings, prices and a map for navigation. Save yourself some money by looking out for the best prices and the red tag discount percentage.

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