Tips for travelling with a baby

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Being a parent is the most beautiful thing on this earth. You get to meet your soul mate whom you will love unconditionally. Since they become part of your daily life, you must learn how to accommodation them in all your activities. Travelling with a baby is one of the most dreaded thing by most parents. This is because you do not know what to expect. Many questions linger on your mind on how to travel with your baby.

Below are some of the most common questions about travelling with a baby and their best answers.

What is the best time to start travelling with a baby

This is one of the most asked questions by many parents. Whether you are travelling for family holiday or for a business meeting, this question always hovers in the minds of many. One thing that most people do not know, is that babies are easier to travel with than toddlers!

  • Family trip

In my opinion, the best time to travel with your baby for a family trip is between 3 to 9 months. Especially during the exclusively breastfeeding period (below 6 months). This is because during this period, the baby only depends on breast milk for feeding, the colic period is over, the baby sleeps a lot and is not that mobile. At this time, you can travel to places about 1 hour away from home, to another city or even country. However, I would prefer some low key trips first. You can choose to visit some nearby attractions in the city such as the Kasubi Tombs or the Uganda National Museum. You can also visit the beach at the Lake Victoria in Entebbe, but necessary precautions are required and carry some important baby equipment.

  • Business trip

Being a working mum can be quite stressful. Every mum dreads travelling for conferences or seminars when their babies are less than a year old. Most are caught between the options of either travelling with their little ones or leaving them at home. The problem comes in when the baby is still exclusively breastfeeding. The best choice for this, is travelling with your baby. The only thing you need is to book a hotel that will suit your baby. An example of a good hotel to stay with a baby is Sheraton Hotel Kampala. It offers babysitting and laundry/dry cleaning services which come in handy. While at the hotel you can also enjoy relaxing treatments at the hotel’ spa, sauna and steam room. Thus a win-win situation.

Sheraton Hotel, ideal when travelling with a baby

Lavish room at Sheraton Hotel Kampala

How to choose a family vacation destination

Choosing the appropriate vacation destination, while travelling with your little one is very important. Some of the factors to consider include the age of the child, whether the baby is breastfeeding or on solid foods, if the mother has healed completely (medical problems or a caesarian may take more time to recover), avoid cities or countries with disease outbreaks as baby hasn’t undergone all vaccinations and avoid areas with extreme temperatures. When you want to camp in areas like Bwindi it is important to consult your paediatrician for proper advice.

What are the essential things to carry while travelling with a baby.

The must carry things when travelling with a baby depend on the age of the baby. If the baby is exclusively breastfeeding, then you only need some few clothes, diapers, wipes, pacifier, stroller or baby carrier. However, if the baby is above 6 months and is on solid foods, you need to carry a stroller, cereals, baby formula, feeding bottles and plan how you will wash and sterilize them. Also carry an umbrella or a hat to cover the baby from the sun.

Some baby items to carry during a trip

Some baby items to carry during a trip

Health and safety requirements when travelling with a baby

When travelling with your child, it is always important to be precautions. Here are some of the things that you need to bring along if you are travelling out of town or country.

  • A first aid kit and some prescribed medication for e.g fever, pain killers (paracetamol) etc
  • A health information emergency sheet for the baby. Include the baby’s allergies, vaccinations given, last medication taken and the contact names and numbers of health care providers.
  • If you are driving, ensure the baby is on the back seat on the child’s safety seat and well anchored.

Travelling with a baby is a great experience. You only need to be realistic on some things, such as you will not be able to move around a lot as it will not be fun, thus choosing a destination wisely. Enjoy this moment with your baby as the older they get, the harder it becomes, till they are old enough to carry their own bag. Buckle up the beautiful munchkin and lets roll!


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