Half Year Travel Goals

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As Jumia Travel salebrates the 6th anniversary, there are some incredible hotel deals making rounds on our website. Here are some travel goals to get your passport burning a hole in your pocket and create wanderlust.

1.      Solo Trip

Solo travelling is often misconstrued and perceived to be for lone rangers and the introverted. A solo trip, however, helps you avoid all the hustles that come with group dynamics such as choosing a destination, picking the dates, coming up with activities and of course, people pulling out last minute.

Arusha and Moshi towns in Tanzania are the best destinations for your half year’s travel goals.  Tulia Hotel & Spa in Arusha is not only affordable but also perfect for a solo getaway. Conveniently located to the city centre, why not visit the local eateries? You can also enjoy a wholesome spa treatment at the onsite wellness centre. Stay at  Kilemakyaro Lodge in Moshi where every dawn offers a fresh breath of violets and views of Kilimanjaro summits. Not only do you enjoy spending time in activities you might have had to compromise, you also renew your energy and rediscover self.

2.      Road Trip

The most popular item in many a bucket list is taking the road from Cape Town to Cairo be on motorbike, with a 4WD, or simply commuting by bus. Ambitious and costly so why not take on one country instead as travel goals?

Namibia offers the vastness and topographical variety that is best for a road trip. Being the only country where the entire coastline is a reserve, you will certainly enjoy our recommended itinerary.

Windhoek – Sossulvei – Swakopmund – Skeleton Coast – Otjiwarongo – Windhoek

Check out our free online destination guide for Namibia on things to do and top hotels you can book that are at your budget.

3.      Cultural Trip

The more you travel, the more open minded you become. Leaving your bubble and routine to learn of a people of different cultures and language should definitely be travel goals. Meeting different people alleviates the appreciation of diversity. Lamu, north coast of Kenya, has diverse festivals throughout the year ranging from Arts & Music Festival to Fishing Competitions.

lamu cultural festival

In November, the archipelago will host the annual Cultural Festival. You will see the traditions and the skills that are at the heart of the Lamu people. The weeklong festival will have you fall in love with the easy way of life, riding a donkey and eating Swahili delicacies.

4.      Spontaneous Trip

For plan freaks, spontaneity is the formula for failure. But what better way to feel more alive than taking a random trip? Well, where to go is the only item you can tick off. We recommend Rwanda.

Touring this small East African country is delightful. Off the popular misty mountains track, there’s so much to see using the public transport. Camp at Nyungwe Forest hiking to the waterfalls and getting on the canopy walk. Taking a boat ride on Lake Kivu, visiting the cultural museum at Huye and riding around Kigali on a motorbike is indeed travel goals.

5.      Overnight Train Trip

Though this was the norm for years, taking an overnight train journey has evolved into a beautiful travel goal experience.


The best overnight train is from Dar es Salaam to Kapiri Mposhi in Zambia. The train leaves Dar every Friday at 3.50 pm. The 46-hour journey allows you to in the sights passing though the tunnels, crossing rivers and gorges across 3 countries without stepping on the ground. Book your 1st class ticket for the Kilimanjaro Express to Zambia and live to inspire travel goals.

Ready for the next half of the year?

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