History of Early Man: 7 Prehistoric Sites in Kenya

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The history of early man confirms Kenya is the cradle of mankind, and the best place for an enlightening archaeological tour. Prehistoric sites are scattered across the country. Some are in the enchanting Great Rift Valley while others are in the far-flung districts of northern Kenya. Top prehistoric sites in Kenya that should be on your list of archaeological places to visit are:

  • Rusinga Island

Rusinga Island sits in the fresh waters of Lake Victoria, in the western part of the country. It is an important destination to learn about the history of early man because one of the earliest fossils discovered there. The famous family of archaeologists, the Leakeys, undertook numerous expeditions on the island around 1947 and 1948. They discovered a collection of fossils they named the Miocene apes.

Where to Stay: Rusinga Island Lodge on the island.

Proconsul nyanzae discovered in Rusinga Island.

  • Fort Tenan Prehistoric Site

Louis Leakey discovered Kenyapithecus wickeri in Fort Tenan, in 1961. This town is located in Kericho, about 50km from Kisumu.

Where to Stay: In Kisumu, where you can also visit other prehistoric sites and Kisumu Museum.

  • Kariandusi Prehistoric Site

It is one of the most visited prehistoric sites in Kenya. Kariandusi is one of the main attractions in the Great Rift Valley. Louis Leakey discovered this site in 1928, and found a large collection of handaxes. This shed light on the history of early man dating back about 1 million years ago.

Where to Stay: Hotels near Lake Elementaita such as Sentrim Elementaita Lodge.

  • Gambles Cave

Louis Leakey discovered fossils in Gambles Cave between 1928 and 1929. It is located in Lake Elementaita.

  • Olorgesailie

Olorgesailie’s collections include numerous Acheulean hand axes discovered in 1919. Additionally, archaeologists discovered fossils of different wildlife animals that may have been butchered with the handaxes.

Olorgesailie Prehistoric Site in Kenya.

  • Koobi Fora

Koobi Fora is a region on the shores of Lake Turkana, which is located in the northern part of Kenya. Hominin and non-hominin fossils were discovered in this site, and they include Australopithecus and Homo specimens.

Kobi Fora Museum.

  • Hyrax Hill Prehistoric Site

It is another of the most popular prehistoric sites in Kenya. Hyrax Hill is located in Nakuru, just 4km from the town. Archaeological discoveries include enclosures made of stone that date back to the Iron Age.

Where to Stay: Hotels in Nakuru Town can host you during your visit to Hyrax Hill. You can also stay in hotels around Lake Nakuru that is about half a kilometre away.

You have every reason to enjoy an archaeological tour in Kenya, and discover the history of early man.


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