When Hollywood Comes To Africa

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Since 1931, when Trader Horn became the first Hollywood movie to be shot in Africa, more movie directors and producers have found Africa an attractive filming destination for Hollywood and European blockbusters. From deserts to forest jungles, villages to cities, amazing landscapes and coastal beaches, Africa’s rich diversity can perfectly blend with most Hollywood movie themes. Travel.Jumia.com, Africa’s no.1 hotel booking website has prepared a list of 15 of the best Hollywood and European movies that were shot in Africa.

Infographic on Hollywood Movies Shot in Africa

Hollywood infographic

Star Wars I II and IV, Tunisia
Star wars is one of the most common movie series and one of the top grossing movies in Hollywood history. Star War Episode IV; A New Walk was filmed in 1976 in places close to Tataouine, Djerba and Tozeur.

Gladiator (2000), Morocco
This 2000 film about a disgraced Roman general was partially shot in Ouarzazate, south of the Atlas Mountains for over three weeks. Ouarzazate is one of the biggest movie studios in world. Several historical blockbusters including; The Man Who Would Be King, Lawrence of Arabia, Asterix & Obelix, Kingdom of Heaven, Mission Cleopatra and Babel were filmed at Ouarzazate.

Tomb Raider II (Cradle of Life – 2003), Kenya
Angelina Jolie’s second Tomb Raider movie about her search for the elusive Pandora’s Box leads her to Africa. The African part of the movie was shot in Hell’s gate (south of Lake Naivasha) and Amboseli National Park.

Burn it up Djassa (2012), Ivory Coast
This Ivory Coast movie released in 2012 follows the life of Tony as he tries to escape the difficult life in the ghetto. The movie was shot in Abidjan’s Wassakara neighborhood.

The Constant Gardener (2005), Kenya
This is a thriller about a British diplomat’s quest to uncover the death of his wife. The movie was shot in different Nairobi neighborhoods and the Nairobi National park.

Timbuktu (2014), Mauritania
Timbuktu, which is a French-Mauritanian movie, tells of the life in Timbuktu, Mali after its occupation by extremist Islamist. The movie was shot in the Sahara desert, Mauritania.

The Last King of Scotland (1998), Uganda
This Hollywood film starring Forest Whitaker was shot entirely in Uganda. It is a story about a Scottish doctor who travels to Uganda and becomes the President Idi Amin’s personal doctor and confidante in the last days of his rule.

Hatari (1961), Tanzania
This blockbuster was a big hit in the sixties. Filmed entirely in Tanzania in 1961, Hatari follows the adventures of John Wayne and his team as they capture wildlife for zoos.

Congo (1995), Uganda
This 1995 movie follows an expedition team in search of rare diamonds deep in the jungles of Congo It was filmed in Western Uganda near the border with Congo. Famous movies like The Lion (1962) and The African Queen (1951) were also shot in Uganda.

Blood Diamond (2006), Mozambique
Award winning Blood Diamonds is a movie about the illegal trade in diamonds in Sierra Leon and Liberia. The movie starring Leonardo di Caprio was shot in Mozambique.

King Solomon’s Mines (1950), Central and East Africa
One of the earliest Hollywood movies filmed entirely in Africa. It follows the rescue attempt of Richard, who got lost in the unexplored Africa interior by his wife and brother in law. It was shot in 1950 in various locations across Kenya (Rumuruti, Machakos), Uganda (Murchison Falls) and Tanzania.

The Legend of Tarzan (1984)
The famous legend of Tarzan movie about a boy raised in the wild by gorillas after the death of his parents was partly shot in Cameroon.

Lord of War (2005), South Africa
This Nicolas Cage movie about illegal arms trade that fuel armed conflicts worldwide was partially shot in South Africa. Lot of Hollywood movies have been shot in South Africa as: District 9, Mad Max: Fury Road, Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Battle of Algiers (1966), Algeria
The bloody battle of Algiers is a French blockbuster released in 1966. The movie is based on the Algerian war of independence with France from 1954 to 1962. The entire movie was shot in Algeria.

Nigeria (Nollywood)
Even though few foreign movies have been filmed in Nigeria, Nigeria’s movie industry (Nollywood) is ranked second largest movie industry in the world in terms of movie productions behind India’s Bollywood. It is also the third profitable movie industry in the world behind Hollywood and Bollywood. It is estimated that Nigeria produces more than 500 Nollywood movies annually

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