Honeymoon Destination: The Gastronomical Capital of South Africa

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Esquare, a lifestyle and travel blogger, takes us through a destination known for its fine dining and wining. During her vacation there, she realized how idealistic the city was for newly weds looking for a honeymoon destination.

Ancient Honeymoon Practices

It is said that the word honeymoon comes from ancient English time where it was the first month after the wedding where both the bride and groom were adjusting to their new state of matrimony. During this period, the couple were given a drink called mead (fermented sweet liquor made from a base of honey) which was served to them on their wedding night and every night for a full cycle of the moon following their wedding.

Over the years, honeymoon is marked as a beautiful time where the couple spend time with each other glorifying their love to kick start their married life together; a perfect antidote to all the anxiety from the wedding preparation to its end.

And what better way to spend this seamless time combining adventure with relaxation at your honeymoon destination.

Franschhoek: Honeymoon Destination

For the couple looking for a unique experience, Franschhoek is the place to go.

Franschhoek, a small town in the Western Cape province of South Africa is one of the oldest settlement and central wine production of South Africa. It is approximately half an hour away from Stellenbosch.

The history of this town dates back to the late 1600’s where the French Huguenot refugees were established by the then Dutch East India Company in the valley called Olifantshoek (Elephant’s Corner). The name was in reference to the enormous herds of elephants that used to seek shelter in the valley. The town later became known as Franschhoek, “French Corner” in Dutch, after the settlement of the French Huguenot.

boneymoon destination Franschhoek

Franschhoek Valley

The Franschhoek Valley is one of the most exquisite fertile wine valley nestled in between splendid lofty mountains offering the newlyweds intimacy in an enigmatic environment. Majority of the hotels are set between the vineyards and the mountains which sets precedence for romance and utter relaxation.

Top Things to do in Franschhoek

honeymoon destination Franschhoek

Vineyards Franschhoek

It is quite obvious that the popular activity of this place is wine tasting. The best way to experience the wine farms is on a horseback ride tour.  Most vineyards, originally started off as small farmers and now evolved as affluent real estates, offer a tour of the wine farms and allow their visitors to pick grapes, followed by wine tasting and a quixotic picnic near the river creeks. What a way to spend magical moments with your spouse sipping wine overlooking the sunset.

The newly-weds can also wander through the various wine farms on their own holding each other’s hands and by taking The Franschhoek Wine Tram, a hop-on hop-off tram that goes through the various vineyards in the valley.

honeymoon destination Franschhoek

Franschhoek Wine Tram

Franschhoek is also known as the “gastronomical” capital of the country. This comes as no surprise as the French Huguenot used their wine making expertise to establish restaurants so as to take advantage of this resource. The main street of the town is lined with cafes, bistros and restaurants, some of which have their kitchens run by award-winning chefs.

In addition to wine tasting, the town also has superb chocolate making and tasting farms and olive oil tasting. One can taste scrumptious items such as hand-made chocolate and smoked salmon trout raised from the mountain dams in the valley.

There are also walking and hiking trails in the mountains surrounding the valley. The couple can also cycle and horse-ride around the gorges spending tranquil time with each other.

Whilst taking the country side ambience, the newly-weds can also digest the cultural journey of this town by visiting the many galleries that picture the history and evolution of the town. The heritage of the town can be felt in the Huguenot monument located at the top of the village where each of the original Huguenot farms have their own captivating tale to tell.

honeymoon destination Franschhoek

Huguenot Monument

White-washed cobblestone porches, exquisite restaurants, copiousness of farms and its majestic views makes Franschhoek the perfect destination for the new love to flourish and its memories to be cherished forever.

Franschhoek as a  honeymoon destination has few accommodation options but at a great value for money. Book today for a romantic, relaxing holiday and enjoy a spa treatment by the lake.


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