“I surprised my wife with a honeymoon trip to Mozambique”, says Jumia Travel Interim MD.

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Finding the best honeymoon destination is no cup of tea. But if you make the right choice, it will be a great way to seal your union. Jumia Travel interviewed its interim Managing Director Stanislas de Dinechin on his honeymoon trip to Mozambique with his lovely wife.

  • Why did you settle for Mozambique as your honeymoon destination?

The trip to Mozambique was a surprise honeymoon to my wife. I chose the country because it has a mysterious, romantic ambiance. Though remote, it is safe and I wanted something out of norm. Mozambique has amazing landscapes and great hotels. One can also engage in a variety of activities like diving. It is also a great place to end your safari.

Mrs Dinechin enjoying the spectacular beach

Mrs Dinechin enjoying the spectacular beach

  • What travel plans did you make?

I did a lot of research on the Internet as I wanted ‘out of the box’ destinations, where we could dive and kite surf. We stayed at a very nice hotel in Tofo, which had a spectacular view of the beach and we could spot humpback whales propelling themselves above the water and then splash back down.

At the hotel in Tofo

At the hotel in Tofo

  • Which are the places you visited in Mozambique and which activities did you do?

We first arrived in Maputo, a really fancy town, then we headed to Tofo and afterwards to Vilanculos. We had a fabulous time in Tofo as we dived with the Shark whales.
Did you say… diving with the Shark whales?

Yes, they are very friendly and harmless. They feed on plankton thus they don’t bite. It was a remarkable experience.
We then headed to Bazaruto in Vilanculos, a more remote location, where we kite-surfed, deep dived, cruised on dhows (traditional boats), and saw breathtaking sandbanks.

Enjoying a boat cruise

Enjoying a boat cruise

  • Which other places did you visit before ending up in Mozambique?

Before Mozambique, we had started our journey from Paris to Johannesburg (South Africa) then to Okavango delta in Botswana. We also went to Victoria falls and National Camp Hwange in Zimbabwe, and afterwards we took a 5-day trip Canoe in Mana Pool National Park, going down the Zambezi River. We then headed to Harare where we took a flight to Vilanculos. To end our holiday, we boarded a flight at Maputo to Johannesburg to go back home.

  • What did you love most about Mozambique? And how was the food?

I loved the off the beaten track atmosphere while having a very much “Dolce vita” Africa style! Its really a perfect honeymoon destination.

Marvelling at the turquoise waters

Marvelling at the turquoise waters

  • What would you tell a couple planning to visit Mozambique for their honeymoon?

I would tell them to go for it! Mozambique is an amazing place with a unique out of thi world atmosphere, beautiful and well-preserved beaches, very warm and welcoming people, good accommodation and safe neighbourhoods. And while there be sure to interact with the locals. You will learn a lot.

Interacting with the locals

Interacting with the locals

  • Would you go back to Mozambique? And if yes what would you do differently?

Absolutely yes. Given a chance I would be heading there right now. Our trip to Mozambique was excellent. The only thing I would add is to visit the northern part of Mozambique which is said to be even more beautiful and peaceful.
Despite Mozambique being a Portuguese speaking country, we had very little issues! You can manage with few English words and the locals are always willing to help!

  • Did you learn any new words?

Portuguese words of course! I learnt ‘Bom dia’ (Hello in Portuguese) and ‘Piri piri’ (a sauce).



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