Madagascar Holidays: What to do there

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Madagascar is one of Africa’s most popular and unique travel destinations. It is the fourth largest island in the world with widespread attractions. Travel to Madagascar and enjoy historical tours, hikes, beaches and authentic food. Below are 6 top things to do in Madagascar.

  1. Visit Lemurs’ Park, Antananarivo

Madagascar is famous for its Lemurs. If your kids love the movie Madagascar, you should visit the Lemurs’ Park. The park houses nine species of these primates who can sing like whales and sashay around. The kids will enjoy meeting King Julien and his family in the wild.

A Lemur Sashaying at Lemur’s Park.

A Lemur Sashaying at Lemur’s Park.

  1. Go on a city tour, Antananarivo

Travel to Madagascar and tour its capital and largest city, Antananarivo. An Antananarivo city tour takes you through Madagascar’s ancient palaces dating back to the 17th Century. Tour Rova Palace and peak into ancient statues and relics. Rova also offers panoramic views of the city of Antananarivo as its situated on the highest point of the hills.

  1. Relax by the Beach, Nosy Be

If you are looking for a beach holiday in Madagascar, then Nosy Be is your best choice. Its white sandy beaches and calm turquoise waters make it the tourist hub of Madagascar. Swim, snorkel, sail and sunbath on this beach. If you are more adventurous, you can go diving by the reefs.

Relax at Nosy Be Beach.

Relax on Nosy Be Beach.

  1. Explore a Former Pirate Base, Ile Sainte Marie

During the 17th and 18th centuries, St. Mary’s Island became a popular base for pirates. The launch of Uncharted in PS4 has led to an increased number of expeditions to Ile Sainte Marie since the game is set there. Travel to Madagascar and explore the rumoured pirate utopia, see hump-back whales as you enjoy Ile Sainte Marie’s famous food, the coconut-dipped crab.

  1. Hike up the Ankanara Reserve, Antsiranana

The Ankanara Reserve is considered special because it is composed of 150-million-year-old limestone from the middle Jurassic Period. This reserve is an eroded fortress of limestone characterised by sharp ridges, deep caves and rushing rivers. Hike up Ankanara and wander through its extraordinary trails and unique landscapes. The Ankanara Reserve is also a home to many Lemurs.

  1. Taste Local Wine, Fianarantsoa

Fianarantsoa is Madagascar’s wine capital. This town is surrounded by vineyards that produce excellent red and white wine. Visit Fianarantsoa, Madagascar and taste locally produced wine, its popular one being the Lazani Betsileo.

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