May the Fourth Be with You

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Happy May the Fourth! 40 years ago, the first Star Wars movie was produced. No one knew that this movie would over the years, become a worldwide pop culture phenomenon and change the world! The Star Wars community believes in a force, created by all living things. This force surrounds, celebrates and binds all creatures: thus the phrase, ‘May the Force be with You’.

In celebration of 40 years of existence, Star Wars fans are called to implement “Force for Change” by bringing comfort and joy to hospitalized kids. This theme is supposed to run until May 11th. Listed below are ways in which you can join this campaign and transfer the force of love and light to kids.

  • Visit the Wild

Everyone loves the outdoors. Put a smile on hospitalized kids this May the Fourth by bringing the outdoors to them through virtual reality! Get a virtual reality video of a popular game park or zoo then teach the kids fun facts about the various animals showcased. Remember to take photos of the kids with the animals in their background then print them out for them later. Apart from bringing comfort and joy to these kids, you will also bring change by creating Wildlife Conservationists like Lupita Ngong’o who starred in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Star Wars Actor Lupita visiting the Amboseli National Park (photo courtesy of Wild Aid)

Star Wars Actor Lupita at the Amboseli National Park (photo courtesy of Wild Aid)

  • Star Wars Marathon

Undeniably the best way to recruit new members into the Star Wars fandom! You can organise a Star Wars Marathon with your hospital of choice. Lias with the management to set up a convenient time to show these movies. The prequel trilogy is best for setting solid foundations while the sequel Star Wars Trilogy would totally work for entertainment purposes. We pray that you will be given enough time to run the marathon. In the words of one of the great marathoners from Ethiopia, Haile Gebrselassie, “When you run the marathon, you run against the distance, not against the time”… so be brave… motivate the kids to run the whole distance. We guarantee it will be fun!

  • A Star Wars Themed Party

Nothing brings a smile to the face a child than a themed party. Commemorate 40 years of Star Wars this May the Fourth by setting up a Star Wars costume party at a children’s ward of choice. Incorporate Star Wars games like Star Wars: Destiny, Edge of the Empire and Guess Who? Star Wars to make the party more memorable. For cases of bed ridden children, help them into the costumes and read Star Wars novels to them. Pro tip: For long lasting memories, serve Star Wars themed foods at your party!

An example of a Star Wars costume party

An example of a Star Wars costume party

  • Explore the Galaxy

This is one sure way of making May the Fourth really cool for kids in hospitals this 2017. Transfer the kids into the very own setting that Star Wars was acted in by setting up a planetarium! The planetarium will show students the science of astronomy thus helping them identify and learn more about the galaxy. For countries that lie along the equator such as Rwanda and Kenya, we recommend you set up a telescope for actual viewings of galaxy bodies.


Happy Star Wars day to all!

May the Force be with You.
Love and Light!



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