Packing Tips 101

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Packing for vacations has become an art that should be mastered by all. Having to stay within an assigned weight limit, decide on important outfits for the travel destinations and know how to craftily put it all together takes some grit. provide some important tips that would help travelers maintain the balance between over-packing and packing too lightly. It may seem irrational to pack a week’s worth for a weekend getaway but it can be justifiable as packing jitters are real! It is at this point that everything suddenly becomes so important that you have to them with you on your trip. These few tips from could help soothe your packing jitters.

Weight limits and luggage types

In the case where there’s a strict weight limit, the luggage type matters – though wheelie luggages do seem more convenient and easy to move around with, they weigh reasonably more than duffel bags which may when empty and this eats into your weight limit. It is important to keep this in mind.

Mix and match packing methods

Depending on the nature of the trip or the fabric of clothes being packed, one would have to alternate between rolling and folding. Rolling would be more suitable for trips where travellers care less about whether or not their clothes turn out all crinkly and folding is more appropriate where the intention is to minimize wrinkled clothing. Remember not to dump and move as this is not very practical.

Keep it simple

Tons of pictorials and infographics would pop up on a search engine when searching for easy packing tips. Remember to stick with the basics and this way there would be enough room for the souvenirs when it’s time to head back to your base. Knowing the weather forecasts for the destination and itinerary would play a key role in determining your wardrobe for the trip.

Have a list handy

Lists help with simplifying the process of packing. Noting down the items you would like to have with you during your trip would keep the process organized and minimize the risk of forgetting important items.


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