Popular Beers in East Africa That You Should Try

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East Africans are known to love their beer. Whenever people come together, there is always a constant: beer! Anytime you present ugali, nyama choma, kachumbari and beer,  you have a party. This week on Food Diaries, we take a look at popular beers in East Africa; the stories behind them and why we love them so much.

Kenya: Tusker

One simply cannot start the African beer conversation and leave out Tusker. First brewed in 1922 by George Hurst, the beer was first served at the Stanley Hotel. The following year, George Hurst was killed by an elephant and his brother Charles chose to name the beer Tusker after the long tusked mammals in the region; giving birth to one of the strogest brands in East Africa.

It’s almost been 100 years since Tusker was first consumed in Nairobi and the beer has grown to be one of the most consumed ‘Made in Kenya’ products. The name Tusker now goes to show a sense of patriotism, with merchandise such as t-shirts, earrings and mugs being a favorite for most Kenyans, whether they consume beer or not.

Tusker beer has not only grown in terms of brand, but also variety. Consumers can now enjoy different brews of Tusker, like the one made for legends; Tusker Malt, some refreshing cider; Tusker Cider, and Tusker Lite for the party lovers.

Enjoy your favorite brand of Tusker, baada ya kazi, at your favorite hangout joints in Nairobi or even in top hotels in Tanzania or Uganda. Yes, Tusker is now an East African sensation.

Here’s to the US in every Tusker!

Image courtesy of EABL-TuskerLager

Tanzania: Kilimanjaro

Named after Africa’s highest peak, Kilimanjaro is a favorite for many. The Kilimanjaro Premium Lager is one of most popular beers in East Africa because of its unique taste. Lovers of Kilimanjaro, or as they love to call it, Kili, have described it as a light, fizzy lager, with straw flavors and a mildly sweet aftertaste. Best served cold.

Popular among bars and resorts, Kilimanjaro markets itself as a fun beer. Other than fun, Kilimanjaro Lager works to positively transform its community. Kilimanjaro Premium Lager has committed to planting 10 million trees in the Kilimanjaro Region, over the next 10 years through the Kilimanjaro Project.

Travelling to Kilimanjaro or its environs anytime soon? Join the amazing Kilimanjaro Project and help improve the climate of this area. Above all, do not forget to buy packs of Kili to sip on, as you soak in the sunset against Africa’s highest peak.

Acclimatize Today! Have a cold Kilimanjaro Premium Lager.

Image courtesy of Kilimanjaro Premium Lager Team

Uganda: The Nile Special

An eighth time winner of the Gold Award at the Monde Selection International, The Nile Special was the flagship beer of the Nile Breweries Limited.

What makes it one of the most popular beers in East Africa is that it has been consistent for the 50+ years in which it has been brewed. A great plus for it is its smooth balance of sweet and bitter tastes. Critics say that this unique taste is attributed to the fact that The Nile Special is mixed by the fresh waters of the Nile during brewing. And you know how the legend goes; when you drink the waters of the Nile, you never want to leave. Now you get why everytime you travel to Jinja and you drink a Nile Special, you just want to extend your stay.

Apart from its taste, we love the Nile Special because it has sponsored marathons, rugby teams and world reknown events such as NyegeNgege Festival; always bringing people together.

Enjoy this 5.6% ABV beer by the River Nile as you experience the best of Uganda.

Image courtesy of Nile Special Team

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Ps: Excessive alcholol consumption is harmful to your health. Please do not drink and drive. Alchohol is not for sale to persons under 18 years of age.



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