Promoting World Environment Day 2017 in Uganda

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This World Environment Day 2017 is a perfect time to embrace ecotourism in Uganda. Theme for this day is ‘Connecting People to Nature’. Thus, do not be an introvert, rather, get outdoors, celebrate nature and enjoy the beautiful environment that you live in.

Ways of promoting World Environment Day 2017 in Uganda

In the spirit of promoting this day, below are some of the things that you can get involved in.

1. Visit the various national parks

National parks are some of the main areas that we should protect. Be it the fauna or flora, it is up to us to raise the awareness of their importance and ways to protect them. One way to do this during World Environment Day is by visiting some of the many national parks in Uganda, like the Bwindi National Park, Murchison Falls National Park or the animal sanctuaries like the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary.

Visit Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary this World Environment Day

Rhinos at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

2. Clean the Environment

One way of promoting World Environment Day 2017 is by planning a litter picking activity in your neighbourhood. In a small group, you can make your environment clean as being in a clean place is your responsibility.

3. Promote the ecolodges

Eco lodges have greatly promoted the environment, thus the best way to give back, is by booking an ecolodge. There are several ecolodges in various parts of Uganda such as in Kabale, Mbarara, Fort Portal and in the national parks.

Visit Eco-Lodge Campsite on World Environment Day 2017

Eco-Lodge Campsite

4. Plant trees

With the ever troubling threat of global warming, we need a greener planet with a conducive environment. To be able to get a beautiful environment with good climate, you can arrange a tree planting activity with your friends. You can also chose to do this alone as one tree you plant, goes a long way.

5. Hike the parks in your locality

Whether alone or with your friends, you can hike the parks near your home and help in promoting World Environment day 2017. One of the top parks for hiking is the Rwenzori Mountains National Park in Western Uganda. This activity will help you appreciate the beauty that is around you and preserve it.

Hike mountains on World Environment Day

Hiking in Rwenzori Mountains National Park

6. Take pictures and share online

In this modern generation, pictures and social media is loved by many. And since pictures speak a thousand words, you can raise awareness on the environment using your smart phone. Take beautiful pictures of your environment, or national parks and share online. This will enable many people even in towns to appreciate nature.

In the aim of promoting World Environment Day 2017, we all need to go outside and enjoy the beauty of our environment. It is up to all of us to preserve it and keep it safe.
The only way forward, if we are going to improve the quality of the environment is to get everybody involved”. Richard Rogers.


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