Six Must-Visit Exotic Hotels in East Africa

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In addition to the expected service and activity, stunning and unusual hotel experiences are quite a selling point in the tourism industry; spectacular location, sporadic design or delivery will create remarkable impression on any traveler.

The new era of braggies has no favor for any hotel considered as ‘ordinary’ as guests strive for that special aspect separating each hotel as a unique property. Here are five quite exotic hotels in East Africa as defined by Africa’s leading Hotel Booking Platform,

The Manta-Underwater Resort in, Pemba Island

The first underwater hotel in Africa, Manta is mystic, mesmerizing and breathtaking. It’s a heart stopping experience where you will wake up floating amidst marine life, yet allows you to enjoy the sun set on the deck. Manta provides an intimate encounter with nature, extraordinary service to guests and the simple needs of uncomplicated human living; sunshine, peaceful sleep, fresh air, good food, and great company.

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The bedrooms are submerged in the Indian Ocean, with all-round glass windows. This is quite charming as schools of different species of fish and ocean life seem to swim closer and peep through the windows as attracted by light.

The Ark, Aberdares National Park-Kenya

Set in the heart of the verdant Aberdares Forest, The Ark is both imposing and magnificent. Its design, inspired by the biblical Noah’s Ark definitely lives up to the expectation of attracting wildlife in double, triples and in countless droves! The viewing decks overlook a salt lick as well as two watering holes, therefore making it a convergence zone for the Big Five as well as numerous herds of grazers.

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Hatari Lodge, Mt. Kilimanjaro-Tanzania

Cozily burrowed between the foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro and the dormant volcano of Mt. Meru, Hatari is the former private home of actor Hardy Kruger of the 1960’s hit Hatari! Acceding her name from the popular classic. Hatari is an Oscar-nominated scenery, and has won many tributes both locally and continentally including Best Ecologically Responsible Safari Property in Africa.

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Giraffe Manor, Nairobi-Kenya

This picturesque house stands not too far from the Nairobi National Park. A rising facade of brick works engulfed in foliage and creepers, the Giraffe Manor was built back in the 1930’s just as East Africa was gathering repute for Game Safaris. This is a leading and very unique attraction in Nairobi that also takes pride in the herds of giraffes and warthogs living in the 12-acre farm. The Manor continues to provide a sanctuary and residence to the imperiled Rothschild Giraffe.
It’s the only place in the world where a giraffe dines and basks in the morning sunrise with such lavish elegance, you will think they understand human language!

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Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge: The Highest Lodge in Uganda

Characterized by soaring ceilings, giant wood pillars, indigenous paintings and a bird view of the Bwindi forest; Clouds oozes in exotic and vintage elegance. The lodge sits remotely above 2,000 meters above Sea Level, making it the highest lodge in Uganda.

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Looking across the horizon, one gets a shiver from the imposing and impenetrable Bwindi Forest that has for years played abode to the world’s endangered mountain gorilla. The Virunga volcanoes national park on the other end offers endless opportunities for wildlife spotting. Clouds won the ‘Best Lodge in Africa, by The Good Safari Guide-2011, among other accolades as a success story in community conservation.

Kilifi Boat House, Kenya – A Floating Paradise!

Located on the Kilifi creek about one hour drive from Mombasa, you can spot the Boat House from the Kilifi Bridge overlooking the estuary. The floating house was originally put up as a resting house by Kilifi Boatyard and has since become a popular get away for friends wishing to experience the ocean from within. Almost entirely made up of hard wood, the house – permanently anchored inside the Indian Ocean- offers comfortable accommodation for six at a go and has an equipped kitchenette to aid self-catering.

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