Stunning culture and museums in Ethiopia

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Ethiopia truly snagged the top list of best culture and museum bucket list. The country has become a popular vacation spot for families and individuals looking for a little slice of stateside paradise. Jumia travel’s list of the most visited museums in Ethiopia, gives you plenty of ideas for top museums to see along with experiencing a unique culture.

If you love museums and adventure, you have come to the real haven. The country stunning artifacts and archeological wealth is preserved in its museums and art galleries. Truly a trip to Ethiopia would not be complete without a visit to the museums in Addis Ababa. Haile Selassie’s former palace now main campus of Addis Ababa University which is enclosed by greener gardens, portrays one of its kind collection of Ethiopian history and royal life. There are so many artefacts, precious royal jewelries and handicrafts from the royal family. The exhibition gives a great insight into Ethiopia’s way of life, wedding, child birth and funeral as well as religious ceremonies. The museum displays the cycle of life from birth to death, bed room of the late emperor and his precious household items.

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Nearby there is a National Museum which is home to the extraordinary fossil named Lucy who lived on earth 3.2 million years ago. Lucy is categorized among the first generation of human who walked on the planet earth. The collections include arts and crafts, such as traditional weapons, antiquities, well-preserved manuscripts, jewelries, utensils, clothing and musical instruments. These unique collection depicts the history, politics, economy and society of Ethiopia. Here you are not only going to see artifacts but also endemic wildlife including primates, birds, snakes, lizards and fish. Back in the 19th century, the luxurious structure of the museum building used to be home to the minister of War, Ras Birru Wolde Gabriel.

The country is not only known for its ancient historical museums, lavish palaces and stunning architectures where you basically go back in time but also, for the marvelous culture and foods. Undoubtedly, there is no more exciting place to eat than in Ethiopia. Spice up your East African trip at hotels and restaurants which reinvented Ethiopian cuisine always accompanied with warm treatment. They serve you the exclusive dishes with live music, dance and one of its kind cup of Ethiopian coffee.

Dotted with local spices and mastic groves and decoration, these places are culinary hotspots. Ethiopia, the second most populated nation next to Nigeria offers a wide range of great organic and healthy cuisines. The historical land is often described as the land of bread, honey and grains, which make up the diet of its people. The long history of the country influenced by over 80 ethnic groups resulted in a culinary variety of blended indigenous ingredients. The dishes consist of vegetables and meat served in a form of thick stew. The country has its own unique breakfast, lunch and dinner delicious specialties.

If you are tired of the routine clothing designs, Ethiopia gives you a fresh cultural fashion experience. The Ethiopian designs and accessories are made from rayon. The wears are made traditionally from spinning the cotton using a simple drop spindle to make the thread. The colourful threads used in the Weft, distinguish Ethiopia textiles with unique finishes of Tibeb, an intricate hand-woven border. Certainly nothing beats a visit to Ethiopia where you can have a treasured endless exploration.


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