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As part of the mobile app launch Travel.Jumia.com, Africa’s leading online hotel booking site presents a charm of close to 35,000 birr package of free hotel accommodation at any hotel of the winner’s choice. The reward will stay open until October 1st allowing cozy stay in luxurious 4-star hotels.

From the rivers and waterfalls to the rock formations, Ethiopia can give you unforgettable memories. This blissful country portrays some incredible hill top hotels, featuring glass-walled restaurants, wide pools and lofty cocktail bars. Clearly, traveling makes you a well-rounded person with a  glimpse of the outside world. Folks you meet along the way will enable you learn new skills and perspectives in life. Jumia Travel’s contest aims to offer you that and so much more without you having to worry about the expenses.

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While you try to win the competition, we offer you blissful destinations for free escapade. As a winner, unrestricted access to explore and relax at a world class hotel would be granted to you. The satisfaction you get after trekking the tallest mountains of Semen, Ras Dashen and Bale Mountains, one of Africa’s finest places in the world is immeasurable, worth the few seconds you spend joining the contest and reposting the gift card on social media platforms.

For nature enthusiasts, the four streams of the Blue Nile can be the first choice. Lake Tana, Blue Nile River and Great Nile River brings you an attractive spectacle in the land of Ethiopia leaving you with timeless experience.

If you are a history buff who would like to discover the popular Ethiopian destinations or want to visit a luxurious hotel in Jumia Travel then here is your chance to participate in the competition. Like Travel.Jumia.com on social media pages, the more you share the gift card, the higher the chance of winning the adventurous prize.

About Jumia Travel

Travel.Jumia.com is an online hotel booking service with offices in Africa, Asia and Europe.  Founded by Africa Internet Group having MTN and Millicom as its investors. Travel.Jumia.com, Africa’s leading booking website, facilitates the booking process for its users to provide them with the best hotel booking experience with fast, transparent and easy-to-use services. Travel.Jumia.com has over 25,000 local hotel listings across Africa and over 200,000 hotels around the globe.


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