The Black Friday Starter Pack

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It’s that time of the year, buyers have been waiting with bated breaths for this moment, wishlists have continuously lengthened and fingers have nervously twirled credit cards in anticipation to buy, buy and buy! Indeed Black Friday is here again!

Black Friday is an annual affair held after the American Thanksgiving. Slowly but surely, Black Friday is actually becoming a thing in Africa – the increase in the internet penetration rate and the boost in the number of online businesses scattered across Africa has garnered support and thus heightened anticipation of Black Friday in cities across Africa.

Typically, customers would wait for their favorite online stores to bring down the normal rates and then they’d let their credit cards do the rest of the magic. Indeed, the power of the customer should never be underestimated. Jumia Travel brings some tips for surviving the Black Friday flurry without breaking the bank, enjoy Jumia Travel’s Black Friday starter pack.

Have a budget, a tight budget

Of course, the excitement about finally get the items you waited all year for is amazing but it is quite important to have a budget for the spending you intend to do on Black Friday. Don’t spend so recklessly on Black Friday and end up broke on Christmas Day. Where’s the fun in that!? Creating a budget and attributing a worst-case scenario price range to the items you intend to get helps with ensuring that you don’t get plain broke.

Shop smart, have a smart list

Making a smart list of items that one needs is important before embarking in the Black Friday frenzy. This would ensure that buying is done within the parameters set in the list – discipline is needed to ensure that you stick to the list. Having a list also saves shopping time since you know exactly what you need and where to find it!

Go-to stores

Definitely, we all have our favourite stores to shop from – having go-to stores saves us unnecessary online surfing. It’s important to have a list of go-to stores you would normally shop from in order to round up the shopping as soon as possible.

Steady internet connection

We know that the internet connection is not the best in many parts of Africa, try to have at least a back-up modem just in case your internet fails when you’re just about checking out. Keep in mind that if this happens, it could be a sign…

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