Top African Destinations for Foodies

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As the globe is slowly becoming a village, culinary tourism on the other hand is gaining momentum. Experience the continent’s traditional dishes that vary in ingredients and flavours . So much so that the foodies admit to having a hard time on settling on one African country.

As you explore Africa’s wealth in wildlife, rural beauty, unique sounds and colourful culture, Jumia Food allows you to order food from the comfort of your city hotel bed.

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From the savannah plains of East Africa to the Sahara Desert in North Africa across the expansive West African beaches to the coastal desert of South Africa via the equatorial forests of Central Africa, here is what the countries have to offer for each taste bud.


Since Accra is considered as the gateway of West Africa, it is no wonder that Ghanians are a friendly, hospitable lot. A visit to this coastal city is not complete until you eat Waakye.


Dakar is a popular, touristic, beautiful city rich in history of the Atlantic Slave Trade.  A gastronomic highlight of this colonial history is Thieboudienn, Wolof for fish and rice.


Though Doula is the largest city, Yaounde is the capital and every eco-tourist’s dream destination can be easily accessed from here. Before you embark on a journey to the dramatic terrains of Mount Cameroon, feast on Ndole.


Nigerian cuisine is characterised by hot and spicy where authentic food can be found everywhere in Lagos. Other than the popular Fufu and Egusi Soup made popular by Nollywood, Ofada Rice is a must try.


Nairobi is East Africa’s economic powerhouse and as such a gastronomic hub with lots of restaurants serving international  dishes. Nonetheless, the one cultural dish loved countrywide and easily found in Nairobi is Nyama Choma.


Kampala is often overlooked as a tourist destination due to the limited points of interest. This modern metropolitan city has loads of motorbikes and a good meal is never too far. Rolex, a buffet in one plate, is definitely a gastronomic appeal.


Regarded as the political  HQ of Africa, Ethiopia not only abounds in history but also UNESCO Sites and stunning landscapes. To enjoy the famous Injera, venture away from Addis’ touristic districts to Urael. Don’t forget that no meal is complete without Ethiopian coffee.

Ivory Coast

The liveliest night city in West Africa, Abidjan is a one-stop shop for street food in Côte d’Ivoire. The best part is that you can order online from Jumia Food and have it delivered at the beach.


Home to the largest mountain in Africa, the great wildebeest migration and the longest coast in East Africa, Tanzania is the pinnacle of culinary tourism. Whether you’re on the spice Island of Zanzibar or in Dar city, ensure to try Chips Mayai.


With ruins dating from Roman rule to the Algerian War, Algiers is a treat to history lovers with scenic landscapes in the Sahara Desert. Try Couscous after a day full of activities as it’s one filling dish.


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