Travel Tips: Tanzania More than Safari

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Tanzania is every tourist’s dream package in Sub-Saharan Africa. Since the country is well-endowed with idyllic beaches, mountain ranges, crystal-blue lakes, savannah plains teeming with wildlife, planning a trip to Tanzania can be overwhelming.

Here is a visual aid that can give you tips on where to start depending on your interest and budget when visiting Tanzania.


Tanzania’s Northern Circuit

If you haven’t travelled to north of Tanzania yet, you remain the most envied person as you have so much to look forward to. The northern circuit in Tanzania remains the most popular tourist destination. As such, a trip there can be costly and hectic. It is therefore advised to travel in a group or engage the expertise of travel agents to get affordable packages.

Tanzania’s Coastline Without the Crowds

 Albeit the most popular island, Unguja, being commonly referred to as Zanzibar, there are other smaller islands in the Zanzibar Archipelago that have powdery white sandy beaches. Mafia and Pemba Islands can be quite intriguing to visit all the while having the whole beach to yourself. If you’re looking for an escapade that combines a beach, a forest and a city in one, has all these and above all, without the crowds.

Tanzania Cultural Tours

A day in the life of the Hadzabe will definitely blow your mind off. Their way of life and language closely resembles that of the Khoikhoi of Southwest Africa. They live in the Serengeti plains and as such can be combined with a tour of the Lake Eyasi and Ngorongoro crater. The other tribe that has guarded its tradition against civilisation is the Maasai.

Hiking in Tanzania

Tanzania has become synonymous to Mount Kilimanjaro as it is the highest mountain in Africa. However, for short or less strenuous hiking trips, West Usambara Mountains via Lushoto have excellent vistas. At Mahale mountain ranges, you can interact close range with the chimpanzees and camp in the ever misty rain forest.


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