Enjoy Valentine’s Day in Victoria Falls

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and many people are wondering what gift to get their sweethearts. Well, how about doing things differently this year. Visit Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and treat your special someone to a thrilling and adventurous Valentine’s day.

There are many exciting activities to engage in Victoria Falls, making all the other Valentines ideas a joke. Put your love to the test and try out some of the following adventure activities.

1. Bungee Jumping
Get your hearts racing by partaking on a bungee jump from the Victoria Falls Bridge. It is said to be the highest bungee dive in the world. Your partner will remember this experience for a life time.

Bungee jumping at Victoria Falls

Bungee jumping at Victoria Falls

2. Zip Lining
Experience an adrenaline rush as you slide on the zip line across the 425 m wide gorge, as you suspend above the stunning view of the Zambezi River. Other similar thrilling options you can do apart from the zip line is flying fox or the gorge swinging.

3. White Water Rafting
Visit Victoria Falls, one the best destinations for white water rafting. The rafting trips down the Zambezi River are best done between January and February, when the water levels are low. This activity is adrenaline inducing due to the many long and violent rapids with steep gradients. You can also enjoy kayaking or canoeing.

water rafting

Water Rafting

4. ‘The Flight of Angels’-Helicopter Flight
If you have the finances to make this event more memorable, get a helicopter flight over Victoria Falls to view its spectacular scenery, from an excellent aerial vantage point. You can make the necessary arrangements with your hotel. It is famously known as ‘The Flight of Angels’, due to Livingstone’s first description of the waterfall.

'The Flight of Angels' at Victoria Falls

‘The Flight of Angels’ at Victoria Falls

5. Hiking
Hike the Victoria Falls for a closer and impressive view of the waterfall. Get close enough to witness the spray, and hear its thundering waters as they fall to the gorge below.

6. Boat Cruise
Enjoy a boat cruise at the Zambezi River. To make it more memorable, do it in the evening for a glimpse of the spectacular sunset. This will give you and your lover a chance to relax, and unwind as you whisper sweet words to each other.

Boat cruise at Victoria Falls

Boat cruise at Victoria Falls

7. The Devil’s Pool
If you have the time, cross over to the Zambian side of the water fall, for a clearer view of the fall and also the Devil’s Pool. The introduction of KAZA Univisa has made the country-crossing possible. The pool is safe to swim in during the dry season, between August and January, thus not safe in February.

Visit Victoria Falls for a special and adventurous Valentine’s Day, and realize why it is referred to as the adventure capital of southern Africa.

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