Do’s and Dont’s when you visit Zimbabwe

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Zimbabwe is a one of the top tourist destinations in African. This is because of the famous Victoria Falls, Matobo National Park and Hwange National Park, the largest national park in Zimbabwe. Tourists are always welcome into this country with very friendly and warm people. However, when you visit Zimbabwe, it is important to be cultural sensitive in order not to annoy the locals. You should know some of the things you are allowed and not allowed to do.

Here are some of the Do’s and Dont’s when you visit Zimbabwe


  • Enjoy the national parks and Falls

The main thing to do when you visit Zimbabwe is to visit the national parks to view wildlife, and also discover the famous Victoria Falls. Enjoy various adrenaline rush activities like Bungee jumping, gorge swinging, and cable sliding among others.

Visit Zimbabwe and enjoy Bungee jumping

Bungee jumping at Victoria Falls

  • Dress appropriately

Zimbabweans are quite conservative when it comes to the mode of dressing. Thus, its is best to mindful how you dress when you visit Zimbabwe. It seems disrespectful for women to wear very short skirts/dresses. The locals are very hospitable and would not harass you but you will notice stares.

  • Carry US dollars

When visiting Zimbabwe, be sure to carry US dollars as there is a cash shortage there. Many places also do not accept paying with credit cards. A few banks also accept international cards and there is a limit of withdrawing $200 a day.

  • Try the local food

During your trip to Zimbabwe, do not limit yourself to the international cuisines, rather try the delicious local foods. Try out the popular and staple Zimbabwean food; Sadza and Kapenta.

Visit Zimbabwe and try Sadza and Kapenta

Zimbabwean food: Sadza and Kapenta


  • Do not engage in political topics

A topic on politics in Zimbabwe is a no go zone. Political opinion is still considered a hazard in this country. Do not give your opinion on the political state of the country, and even if the locals start off such a topic, it is better you do not comment on it.

  • Do not take Pictures of the local people without permission

Generally, Zimbabweans are quite friendly and forgiving people. However, it is deemed rude for a foreigner to start taking pictures of the locals without asking them first. It is thus wise to ask for permission from the people you want to take pictures.

  • Public display of affection

Zimbabweans are quite conservative. Thus, refrain from public displays of affection such as kissing in public or holding hands.

THings to avoid when visit Zimbabwe

Couple kissing in public

  • Do not take offense

Zimbabweans are quite inquisitive but in a nice way of course. Therefore, do not be offended if they ask too many questions about you.

If you are seeking for a great holiday destination with your family and friends, then visit Zimbabwe. You will experience the true definition of nature, wildlife and Africa.


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    June 30, 2017 at 12:22 pm

    I love the freedom we have in our beloved country called Kenya. Great people, great nation

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