Weird and Wacky Christmas Traditions around the World

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Christmas celebrations are all about merry making, attending church and exchanging gifts with your loved ones. When we think about Christmas, we think about Santa Claus, some great tasting turkey and pudding and a beautiful Christmas tree.

However, Christmas celebrations are not same in all parts of the world, in some countries people follow some very strange and wacky customs and traditions. We have compiled an exciting list of some of the strangest Christmas traditions:

1. Philippines


Some of the most exciting Christmas traditions are followed in the Philippines. The Midnight Mass, also known as Simbang Gabi starts exactly at 04 00 on 16th December and continues till the midnight of 24th December. The belief held by many in the country is that when you complete the nine days Novena, your heartfelt wish will come true. Once the dawn mass concludes, everyone enjoys great tasting food including puto bumbong, sticky rice cakes and delicious bibingkang kanin.

2. Norway

Norwegians are people known for believing in the old myths of evil spirits and witches that wander at night to find brooms for riding, thus on the Eve of Christmas they hide all the brooms in safer spaces. It is interesting to note that many traditional women in the country believe in this folklore and hence they hide all the brushes, mops and brooms before they go to sleep at night.

3. Czech Republic

No christmas celebration is complete in Czech Republic without the shoe tossing ceremony where all the single ladies toss their shoe on the Christmas Eve to know whether they will get married the next year. They turn around and toss the shoe over their shoulders, if the shoe faces the door, it is implied that the woman will get married in the coming year.

4. Venezuela

As we are on the topic of strangest Christmas traditions around the world, in Caracas a city in Venezuela people follow a very strange tradition. People go to the Christmas Mass on roller skates. Everyone beats the drums and once the clock strikes 12 midnight, everyone starts to chant ‘Jesus is born’ and they light up the night sky with bright firecrackers.

5. Germany

In Germany children leave one of their shoe outside the home on the 5th December, the shoe is filled with delicious candies and sweets. However, for naughty children a great surprise awaits, when they wake up and rush to get their hands on all the delightful sweets, they only find a branch of a tree in their shoe.

6. Great Britain

When it comes to Christmas traditions, the British are very old-fashioned and have a firm belief in long standing traditions. It is customary for every family member to stir the pudding in a clockwise direction before it is cooked and while they do so, they also make a wish.

7. Japan

When in Japan, do as the Japanese do. This will help you in developing cordial relations with the people of the country. In Japan people only send white Christmas cards to their loved ones. One should avoid sending a red card under all circumstances, as Japanese associate the color red with funeral announcements. Sending a red Christmas card is looked down upon in Japan.

8. Spain

A wacky Christmas tradition followed throughout the Spain is Caga Tia. It is basically a hollowed log with cheery face that is fed from December 8th till Christmas Eve. All the children gather and beat the log and throw it in the fire and sing traditional songs so that the log would pop out all the presents including garlic bulb and onions.

9. Slovakia

No one can beat Slovakia when it comes to weird Christmas traditions, the eldest member of the household takes a spoonful of the delicious traditional pudding made of water, bread and poppy seed filling and tosses it at the ceiling. It is believed that the more the pudding sticks to the ceiling the better will be the harvest. It is a really strange and messy yet a fun Christmas tradition.

10. Canada

If you want to know where Santa Claus lives and want to send him a letter, then keep reading this space. Canada is the only country that recognizes the address Santa Claus, North Pole, Canada, HOHOHO. If anyone sends a letter to Santa at this address, they definitely get a rep

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