West and central Africa’s underrated destinations

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In a region as vast as West and Central Africa, there is a tendency to favour some countries over others – this could be done based on economic clout, population size or the country size. Some of the countries in this region have quite an influence – Nigeria, for example, is known for having a robust population and a huge economy to go with; Ghana is known for rich culture and economic prowess and Senegal proves itself in the field of sports.

Travel remains a culture that needs to be thoroughly imbibed by Africans as many miss out on the chance to explore the beauties right in their immediate environment. Imagine a Zambian who has never visited the Victoria Falls, a South African who has no idea about the Table Mountain or a Kenyan who has not basked on the Diani beach. The odds may be narrow but they do exist. Countries such as Guinea Bissau, the Gambia and Equatorial Guinea amongst others are not quite as present in the news as their neighbouring countries.

Travel.Jumia.com brings this series to open the eyes and minds of all to the possibilities and beauties of Africa. Start planning your itinerary and making possible plans for your future vacations. Whether the motto for your ideal vacation is refreshing or adventurous, these West and Central African countries aim to satisfy the travel lust in you!

A recent SKIFT survey shows that Sub-Saharan Africa is now the world’s fastest growing region for the amount of trips taken to the region, about $3.2 billion has been spent on “wellness experiences” which signifies a 57% increase over that of the previous year. Undoubtedly, one of the reasons for the flocking of tourists to Sub-Saharan Africa is Seychelles however it is key to note that the revenue from wellness travel in the sub-Saharan region could be greatly increased if adequate measures were taken by the governments in the other countries to boost their attractiveness by improving on national and local infrastructure and then promoting publicity on their destinations through strategized branding.

If capacity could be built to put these measures in place, then countries like Seychelles, Kenya, Tanzania amongst others would not be getting all the tourist attention and revenue as other countries such as the Gambia and Equatorial Guinea could have a jolt in the revenue derived from foreign arrivals and different aspects of tourism. The beautiful beaches and scenic atmosphere found across West and Central Africa provide travellers with the perfect royal retreat or getaway. The clear and jade waters give off this laidback vibe for relaxation beyond your imagination and the mountains and wildlife parks are best suited for the adrenaline-rush seeking travellers who long to hike and explore!.

History buffs should remember make pit stops at the UNESCO-designated sites spread across the region and adventure lovers are free to get a taste of the wildlife and for the lovers, this makes for an amazing honeymoon and wedding destination!

What country in West and Central Africa would you love to explore someday?


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