Yangudi Rassa National Park and the stunning beyond

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It’s not a surprise that Africa is a place of amazing parks, but none combines such a variety of stunning landscapes and wildlife as Afar’s Yangudi Rassa National Park. Not only can you catch incredible close up view of the wildlife daily activities, but you can also explore the nearby world’s spectacular landscapes.


There are truly few places on Earth that blend culture and nature as incredible as the one you see in Afar. Yangudi Rassa National Park lies in the warm Afar region holding 4730 square kilometers of territory next to the massive Mount Yangudi. Sandy semi-desert and wooded bush and grass cover the majority of the park’s area. It’s home to several wild animals and birds including the wild Ass, Beisa Oryx, Soemmering’s gazelle, gerenuk and Grevy’s zebra, Phoenicopterus, Petronia brachydactyla and Ardeotis arabs.


Forget the random things you see every day and head to Yangudi Rassa where you can experience the extensive wilderness in this remote northeastern part of Ethiopia. Dallol, one of the magnificent landscape is a truly captivating insight you will never forget. Witnessing the flow of lava from deep in the ground is a breathtaking sight. Jumia Travel highlights interesting facts that might interest you to take that unforgettable volcano travel to this unbeatable fascinating destination. Dallol is one of the exceptional places on the planet featuring earthquakes, volcano fountains and salt hills.

The town is famous due to the volcanic explosion crater in the Danakil Depression. Part of the Erta Ale Range, the Dallol crater was formed when basaltic magma created giant salt deposits. The resulting hydrothermal eruptions also formed volcano. The Dallol crater is one of the lowest known volcanic vents in the world at 45 meter below sea level, making the region a unique destination.


The hot springs in Dallol depict bright colors, a palette of ferrous chloride and iron hydroxide emissions forming deep blue lakes. Dallol Salt Mountain lies on the ground, creating an impressive view. The trek to Dallol locally referred as “the Gateway to Hell,” is long and challenging. This active volcanic area is home to an incredible landscape of volcanic activities and several hot springs. This dazzling border town takes to extreme adventure through some of the country’s magnificent scenery.

If it feels like you have seen it all, hold your breath as you are just starting to explore the amazing destination. The UNESCO registered world site, Lower Awash Valley, earned its global fame for several anthropological discoveries which date a million years back. Situated near Afar depression, Awash valley is one of the most important global heritage sites.

The most spectacular finding came in 1974, when 52 bone fragments were reconstructed to create “Lucy”. Lucy stood about one meter tall weighing up to 30kg. There were several indicators which predicted her age as young but a fully matured adult when she died. Her remains are now kept at the National Museum at the capital city in Addis Ababa. This finding influenced the perception of human evolution, changing the history of mankind. It’s a place of so much undiscovered treasure yet to be discovered.

The historical site of lower valley of Awash derived its name from one of the biggest rivers in Ethiopia, the Awash River. The valley encompasses a 1,200 km long River which flows downstream to the Rift Valley; with both the upper and lower valleys characterized by different fauna and flora as well as fascinating humid weather conditions. The middle valley is the most momentous and refreshing scene to pleasantly conclude your exploration to the globe’s rare place.


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