These T&Cs apply to you if you subscribe to have a Jumia Prime account. These do not replace the Terms and Conditions of Service for your Jumia account, which will continue to apply.

1. Jumia Prime

  • What is it? Jumia Prime is a customer loyalty programme (“Jumia Prime”) that entitles users to subscribe (on a monthly basis) to receive unlimited free delivery on orders through Jumia Food.
  • Benefits: Subscribers to Jumia Prime will receive unlimited free delivery on all orders placed through Jumia Food in Participating Cities (as described in section 2 (“Eligible Users”) below) throughout Uganda. Jumia Prime may notify Eligible Users of other benefits at its discretion (for example, restaurant offers).


2. Eligible Users

To qualify as an Eligible User for a Jumia Prime subscription, you must meet the following criteria both at the time you sign up for a Jumia Prime account and at all times during your Jumia Prime subscription: You must:

  • be located in a city within the Uganda that has been notified to you on the Jumia Food app or website as operating Jumia Prime (“Participating City”);
  • sign up to Jumia Prime on your personal account (Jumia Prime is currently not available for corporate accounts);

If you do not meet these criteria, you will not be eligible for a Jumia Prime subscription. You will be deemed to be in violation of the terms set out in this paragraph if, at any time during your Jumia Prime subscription, you do not comply with any of the above criteria. If Jumia becomes aware that you are in violation of the terms set out in this paragraph, Jumia may (in its sole discretion) immediately suspend or terminate your Jumia Prime subscription (along with any other steps Jumia is entitled to take in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Service for your Jumia account).
If it has been determined by Jumia that you do not comply with the above criteria, but you believe that you do, you should contact the Customer Service Team by emailing [email protected]

3. To Sign Up

Eligible Users can sign up for Jumia Prime through our Service by:

  • either logging online under the “My Account” section of your profile, from your order basket or after you have placed an order through Jumia Food
  • tapping the promotion prompt to receive details (including pricing details) about Jumia Prime
  • following the link from the Jumia Prime landing page.

4. Jumia Prime Fees

Eligible Users can subscribe to Jumia Prime for an upfront fee which will be communicated at the time of subscribing (“Jumia Prime Fee”). You acknowledge and agree that Jumia may vary the Jumia Prime Fee. Any increase to your Jumia Prime Fee will be notified to you on renewal of subscription.

5. Jumia Prime Subscription Period

Your Jumia Prime subscription period ('Jumia Prime Subscription Period') is either one calendar month, three calendar months or six calendar months in length, chosen by you at your time of purchase. Your first Jumia Prime Subscription Period will start on the day you sign up. For example, if your Start Date is 30th March and you choose a three month subscription, your subscription will expire at the end of the 29th of April.

6. Payment And Billing

  • Payment Method: Payment for Jumia Prime must be made by a credit or debit card through the Jumia Food app and site ("Payment Method").
  • Refunds: Jumia Prime Fees are non-refundable, with no exceptional circumstances, including if you are found to be in violation of the terms set in section “2. Eligible Users”. In instances where you make double payments towards your subscription, the additional payment will be applied towards a subscription renewal.

7. Managing Your Jumia Prime Account

All information relating to your Jumia Prime subscription will be contained in the “My Account” section of the Jumia Food app or site under “Jumia Prime”. From here, you will be able to view the remaining time on your Jumia Prime subscription and purchase a subscription renewal.

8. Cancellation

  • Cancellation of Jumia Prime: You may deactivate your Jumia Prime subscription at any time by contacting Jumia Food customer service. Following cancellation, you will continue to receive the Jumia Prime service for the duration of your current Jumia Prime Subscription Period.
  • Reimbursement: If you cancel your Jumia Prime subscription, we will not be able to reimburse you a refund for the existing duration of your subscription.

9. Termination Or Modification

You agree that Jumia, in its sole discretion, may terminate, deactivate and/or suspend any account (or part thereof) you may have with us or use of the Service and remove and discard all or part of your account and/or discontinue, modify or alter any aspect, feature or policy of the Service or Jumia Prime.

Important: None of the Jumia Prime subscriptions can be refunded.