Membership Terms and Conditions*
*Available in Kampala & Entebbe


  1. Introduction
  2. What is Jumia Prime?
  3. What are the benefits of Jumia Prime?
  4. Who is eligible for Jumia Prime?
  5. Your Jumia Prime subscription
    • 5.1 How can I subscribe for Jumia Prime membership?
    • 5.2 What is the price of membership?
    • 5.3 How long will my membership last?
    • 5.4 Jumia Prime T & Cs
    • 5.5 Can I cancel my membership?
  6. Further information

1. Introduction:

These Jumia Prime Terms and Conditions set out the terms on which Jumia provides the Jumia Prime service and benefits to buyers on the Jumia marketplace, including the eligibility criteria, subscription process and applicable fees.

These Jumia Prime Terms and Conditions are subject to and governed by the Terms and Conditions of use of the Marketplace.

By subscribing to Jumia Prime members agree to these Jumia Prime Terms and Conditions as may be amended and published from time to time.

What is Jumia Prime?

Jumia Prime is a loyalty programme that entitles its members to free delivery on Jumia orders and to access other exclusive promotions, rewards and benefits.

3. What are the benefits of Jumia Prime?

3.1. Free delivery

Jumia Prime members receive free delivery on:

  • All Jumia orders EXCEPT items shipped from abroad (bearing Jumia Global tab) and bulky or large items such as large furniture, large home/kitchen appliances, home theatres, sound systems and air conditioning units; and
  • all Jumia on-demand services e.g. Jumia Food.

If an order includes both qualifying and non-qualifying items, buyers shall be required to pay applicable shipping charges for the non-qualifying items.

Due to restrictions on business/commercial use of Jumia Prime (particularised at section 4 below) we operate a monthly cap on free delivery. Members who exceed this cap will be classed as business/commercial users and their Jumia Prime membership may be cancelled without notice.

3.2. Promotions, rewards and other benefits

Jumia may offer rewards and benefits to members from time to time.These rewards and benefits shall be offered for a specified duration of time,members will be informed of the validity of the rewards or benefits at the time of they are offered. These rewards and benefits can only be used as Store Credits on any of Jumia platforms.

Jumia Prime offers a platform for members to access promotions, rewards and other benefits in respect of third party participating products and brands, which Jumia may notify to members from time to time.

Benefits are provided by means of a voucher, which may be redeemed directly with the participating third-party retailer in accordance with their own terms and conditions. Benefits may not be exchanged for cash or used to purchase any products or gift cards on Jumia.

Jumia may in its sole discretion add or remove Jumia Prime membership benefits.

3.3. Savings promise

Jumia will from time to time communicate to Prime members the savings that they receive.

4. Who is eligible for Jumia Prime?

To qualify for Jumia Prime membership you must meet the following criteria at all times during the subscription period:

  • you must be located in a participating city as listed on the Jumia Prime Page of the application and website; and
  • you must be an individual, as Jumia Prime is not intended for professional use, which shall include the following:

The following accounts are not eligible for Jumia Prime:

  • business or corporate accounts;
  • JForce sales consultant accounts;
  • accounts with more than three (3) unique delivery addresses;
  • accounts that make more than twenty (20) orders in any given month via Jumia; or
  • accounts that make more than forty (40) orders in any given month via Jumia Food app.

In the event that your circumstances change and you cease to meet the eligibility criteria for Jumia Prime, you shall be required to notify Jumia and your Jumia Prime membership shall be terminated with immediate effect.

Jumia reserves the right to refuse Jumia Prime membership to any customer, in Jumia’s discretion.

5. Your Jumia Prime subscription

5.1. How can I subscribe for Jumia Prime membership?

Jumia Prime membership may be purchased via all Jumia applications and websites, including Jumia Food and Jumia Pay.

Following purchase, a confirmation email will be sent to the new member. Jumia Prime membership will be activated immediately, with free delivery benefits applied across the Jumia and Jumia food applications and websites.

Jumia Prime membership is personal to the member and shall be used exclusively by the registered member and all Jumia Prime benefits shall accrue to the registered member only. Jumia Prime benefits are not transferable.

5.2. What is the price of membership?

The Jumia Prime membership fee varies subject to your on location and the duration of your chosen membership plan. Details are available on the “Free Delivery” page of Jumia’s website or application.

Payment for Jumia Prime may be made by credit, debit card or direct or via Jumia Pay wallet or such payment method as Jumia may direct on its website and applications.

5.3. How long will my membership last?

We offer the following membership plans:

  • One (1) calender month;
  • three (3) calendar months;
  • six (6) calendar months; or
  • one (1) year.

The membership period commences on the date of confirmation. For example, if you purchase your subscription and thereafter receive a confirmation email on 30th March and you choose a three month subscription, your membership will expire at the end of the day on 29th June.

The renewal of Jumia Prime is not automatic. To enjoy continued Jumia Prime benefits when the membership period has ended, a new Jumia Prime membership must be purchased.

5.4. Jumia Prime “lifetime” membership

Jumia Prime lifetime membership incorporates ten annual subscriptions only.

Jumia Prime lifetime membership is awarded exceptionally (it cannot be purchased).

Jumia may, at any time and entirely in its discretion, revoke Jumia Prime lifetime membership, subject to compensation of the subscription value (based on prices at the time of revocation) for the remaining duration of the ten year membership term.

All Jumia Prime Terms and Conditions (including exclusion of professional use) shall apply to lifetime members. In the event of a lifetime member’s violation of these Jumia Prime Terms and Conditions or any applicable laws, Jumia shall revoke membership without any compensation.

5.5. Can I cancel my membership?

Your Jumia Prime membership is non-refundable and so if you cancel your membership you shall not be reimbursed in respect of subscriptions fees paid.

We may cancel your Jumia Prime membership at our discretion and without notice. If we do so, we will give you a prorated refund based on the number of full months remaining in your membership.

We shall not, however, provide any refund for cancellation related to conduct that we determine is fraudulent or in violation of these Jumia Prime Terms and Conditions or any applicable laws.

We may cease or suspend the sale of new Jumia Prime memberships at any time, at our discretion.

6. Further information

If you have any questions about these Jumia Prime Terms and Conditions, please contact us using the contact form on our website.