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Order Tasty Food from Restaurants in Kampala on Jumia Food

We all have those days when we feel like eating out but don't want to leave our comfort spaces. If you are in Kampala, sit back and relax, Jumia Food’s got this. 
We now have a wide selection of restaurants in Kampala that you choose from. Filter through our various cuisines available in Kampala from your favorite restaurants. Whether you are looking for some authentic Chinese food in Kampala, spicy Indian Food or even african dishes like Ghanaian or Nigerian, be sure to find your choice of palette on Jumia Food. We also have a wide selection of pizzas and burgers that the kids can choose from. 
To add the cherry on the cake, Jumia Food has introduced a section where you can buy your groceries. Jumia Fresh is an online grocery supermarket available in Kampala for those who want to prepare their best dishes themselves. Grab anything from chicken drumsticks, sliced cheddar cheer, gooseberries, lime and the celebrated avocadoes. As we said before, we got this! 
You can even order alcoholic drinks from the Jumia Party section and have your favorite whiskey, vodka, gin, rum or beers, delivered to your doorstep in less than an hour. 
Jumia Food: The food you love delivered fast!