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Alcoholic Drinks Online in Uganda

When you have a party coming up, it seems like a lot of planning. You have to arrange the venue, the food for the guests, the drinks and all. Because this might seem a little overwhelming, you might tend to forget some key details. With Jumia Food, you can now easily handle the food and alcoholic beverages. Let us go through the stress of getting you everything you need and delivering them right to your doorstep. Chilled alcohol, whether it is rum, whiskey, tequila, vodka or brandy, just order the brand you need and we would have it delivered to you in a flash. So why stress when you have Jumia Food? Let us do it all for you today!

Order Chilled Alcoholic Drinks on Jumia Food

When you’re having a good time with friends, watching some soccer or movies, you might start to crave some alcohol. Good news! Jumia Food can have your alcohol delivered to you in no time. Order your Hennessy, Absolut vodka, Ciroc, Red wines and more from Karuka-Robertson Winery and Nanjing Hotel in Uganda and have your favorite Sauvignon Blanc brought to you, chilled and ready to make some nice cocktails if you choose. If you’re craving something more to go with it, you can easily order some snacks or pizza from restaurants near you. You can also try out Continental, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern for a new taste for your taste buds.

You can get everything with Jumia Food, so give us a try today!

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