Freshly Baked Pasteries Now on Jumia Food

Cakes, pateries and bread are everyone's favorite! Even Christ Himself fed his disciples and followeres with bread! Some of these pasteries recipies have been passed down generations makig them even more special! 

Now, thanks to Jumia Food, people in Uganda can easily order cookies, pastries, bread, biscuits brownies onnline from their favorite bakeries and pastry shops in Uganda. Have your favorite dough product delivered to your doorstep from shops such as Bbrood, Dancing Cup, Temptations and Malimbus Cakes just to to list but a few. Let Jumia Food save you the hustle! Order ypur favorite pastry or baked food and enjoy it with your favorite  coffee or some juice in the afternoon.

Jumia Food; making food delivery in Uganda easier and faster by the day.