Order Burgers in Uganda I Jumia Food

Jumia Food loves foodies! Burger lovers in Uganda can now order burgers online because Jumia Food has carefully selected and compiled all the burger joints in Uganda just for you. 
Order you best burger and have it accompanied with hot fries, rich sauce and some salad and settle that craving. Want your burger accompanied with your favorite cocktails, or bottle of wine? You can also order from the Jumia Party Uganda section. And yes,we are in your major cities Kampala and Entebbe. If you are craving a burger while in Entebbe, we still got you. 

Incase you are craving the meat only burger from KFC, or a Bistro Burger composed of pork and beef mince, order now on Jumia Food and get your food delivered to you fast. Lovers of chicken can try out the Chicken Burgers from Antonios while those into fish can check out the Fish Burger at Rays African Restaurant.

Looking for where to get a large selection of burgers? Look no more. On Jumia Food, you will find the restaurants with the best hamburgers,cheese burgers, beef burgers and chicken burgers to list a few. And with Jumia Food, you can order it exactly the way you want! If you want just a dash of mustard and ketchup, just add your preferences to the comment box by the side! Check through the available restaurants and order from The Lawns, Great Burgers & Cafe, The Bistro, Ponnus Restaurant and so many other restaurants around you.

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