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Indian Restaurants in Uganda

Indian food is loved worldwide! Like most countries cuisines, the food chosen from an Indian menu reflects the culture and background of the area the different dishes available in an Indian restaurant were created in. The majority of the dishes from India feature tasty spices and exotic flavours added to each dish. A modern twist is now given to many Indian meals available in Uganda, with restaurants in uganda providing classic and modern versions of some of the best known Indian food options.
Popular Indian restaurants in Uganda include The Great Indian Dhaba in Kampala popular for its Pandara Butter Chicken. The Panadar Chicken is marinated in a combination of spices and yoghurt, and is cooked in a thick tomato, cashew nut and garlic curry. Other Indian Restaurants Uganda has are Nawab Restaurant in Garden City Kampala and Biryani House in Kampala, among others. 
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